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5 Reasons Why LeBron James Should Leave The Cleveland Cavaliers This Summer


The Cleveland Cavaliers just embarrassed themselves after having a major chance to steal game 1 on the road against the Golden State Warriors, and the odds aren’t looking quite good for them right now.

LeBron James played lights out and even recorded a playoff career-high during game 1, but fell short of the goal anyway and looked clearly upset at his teammates following JR Smith incredibly silly mistake.

Ever since the start of the season, there have been several rumors and stories stating that James is done with Cleveland, and even if they wind up being fake news, he should definitely just opt out of his deal and pack his bags and leave.

Today, we’ll give you the 5 main reasons why.

5. Tyronn Lue


The fact that Tyronn Lue is still running the Cleveland Cavaliers is still kind of surprising, as even though the Cavs are in the Finals for the 4th straight season, he’s never done anything to prove that he’s actually worthy of a coaching spot.

Lue has no answers, has mightily struggled to make in-game adjustments, and lacks the true character to lead this group of players, not to mention James needs a coach that will actually call a timeout following JR Smith offensive rebound instead of just letting them run out the clock.

4. Roster

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

JR Smith has had one of the worst seasons of his career (let aside his blatantly horrid mistake from game 1) in both ends of the hardwood, while Tristan Thompson hasn’t been great either, except for the ECF when he locked down Horford.

Also, Jordan Clarkson has mightily struggled to settle down at Cleveland and it just feels like they’re never going to have a true shot at the Championship with this 2nd to 3rd string players on their rotation.

3. Golden State


The Golden State Warriors have completely owned James and the Cavs for 3 years in a row now, they’re arguably the greatest team this game has ever seen, and they’ve thrived by letting James score at will and locking down his teammates.

With this kind of roster and the Dubs playing at such a high level (not to mention Steve Kerr outcoaching Lue on a play-to-play basis, he needs to play next to other All-Stars in order to beat him, as Kevin Love is quite good but just not enough.

2. LeBron James In His Prime


Regardless of the fact that LeBron is entering his 15th season and is already 33 years old, he’s playing the best ball of his career, at least numbers wise. Obviously, his stats have been kind of inflated because he’s had no help throughout the year.

Naturally, he’s not able to go back on defense as fast as he used to do before, but he’s been an offensive stud all season long and would’ve been even more effective in both ends if he had more help next to him.

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1. Houston Rockets


The Houston Rockets just fell short of the NBA Finals, mostly because of Chris Paul’s hamstring injury, but they’re definitely going to be back next year after being such a dominant squad all season long, and they’ve had their eyes on LeBron for some time now.

James would have a major shot at vendetta if he decides to join Harden and Paul to annihilate the Dubs altogether, and winning a Championship as a go-to-guy on 3 different teams will definitely improve his already impressive legacy.