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5 Reasons why Russell Westbrook is better than Kevin Durant

Westbrook or Durant?

The Thunder lost Kevin Durant in a free agency to the Golden State Warriors which, I will admit, is a huge blow to the Thunder, but I believe they will be fine with Westbrook running the franchise. In my opinion, I believe that Westbrook is better than Kevin Durant because he was the second option to Kevin Durant even though they were both known as big superstars in the league.

Thunder fans should be aware of the numbers Westbrook put up while Kevin Durant was injured. Imagine having a spectacular performance every game from Westbrook. It is highly possible because he does not have to differ to anybody. The guy can average a triple double, he is the most ferocious competitor in the game, and also has the biggest heart. Do not forget he is the most athletic point guard in this generation.

1. The Competitive Edge

Russell Westbrook is the best competitor in the game hands down he is not afraid of anyone. When he plays it is as if he is trying to snatch your heart from you, he plays at 100 miles per hour all game. It does not really matter what kind of defense you put in front of him because he will carve it up while keeping a frown on his face.

I have never witnessed anybody in the NBA who plays with the same fire, passion, and drive that Westbrook plays with. His competitive edge and demeanor are what makes his game so special because there is nobody else like him in the league.

2. Offensive Juggernaut

The thing that stands out most about Westbrook's game is that he improves every year. He came into the league 8 years ago scoring 15.3 points, 5.3 assists, and grabbing 2.7 boards per game. The last season he put up 23.5 points with 10.4 assists and 7.8 rebounds per game. Kevin Durant is now gone so imagine what numbers Westbrook will put up this season.

He has developed as a playmaker and floor general because he came into the league taking too many shots which was why he was criticized by the public. His game has matured over the years which has gotten him the MVP consideration for the past couple of years.

Westbrook could average a triple double because he does everything on the court. Remember during the 2014-2015 season when Durant was out dealing with his foot injury? Westbrook averaged a career-best 28.1 points, while still putting up 8.6 assists, and 7.3 rebounds per game. I think Westbrook will be awarded MVP this season and the rest of the league should be put on notice.

3. The Defense

With the motor that Westbrook plays with he becomes a valuable force on defense because of his speed, quickness, and athleticism he's able to be a dominate defensive guard. He averaged career-best 2.1 steals during the 2014/15 season and then 2.0 steals last season.

Westbrook might be the best point guard in the game because what other superstar scoring point guard plays with the same passion and intensity on the defensive end? The way he takes pride in the defensive end just as much as the offensive end is what makes him an All-Around Superstar.

4. Leadership Role

Back in 2014/15 Kevin Durant only played 27 games due to a foot injury, so that left Westbrook to take the leadership role and run with it. Westbrook became the vocal leader of the team and more supportive of his teammates. He was the first person to greet his teammates on the bench and the first person to get on his teammates if they were making mistakes.

Westbrook has a mentality like Kobe Bryant, he demands the most of his teammates and he isn't afraid to get in your face.

5. The Loyalty

Westbrook put together a 33-27 record in Durant's absence during the 2014/15 season while also sneaking into the 8th seed.

When Durant was out, Westbrook had the NBA and the world wondering if he passed Durant as the Thunder's best player. His game has risen so much in my opinion and I believe that the Thunder will be just fine with Westbrook as the franchise player now and for the foreseeable future.

Westbrook decided to stay with Oklahoma Thunder and the loyalty is one of the reason if we compare him with Kevin Durant. After they lost series against the Warriors, Kevin Durant joins theam, instead to stay with Oklahoma.

What do you think, who is a better player: Russell Westbrook or Kevin Durant?