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5 Reasons Why Stephen Curry Should Join LeBron James And The Los Angeles Lakers

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There is no doubt that Stephen Curry is one of the most loyal superstars in the league. In an era of player movement, Stephen Curry is one of the players that has stuck with one team. He is an iconic player for the Golden State Warriors franchise, and he will most likely retire there.

The Golden State Warriors have a solid core with Klay Thompson coming back from injury. They have been a top 5 defensive team in the league this season, and have a solid core around Curry. However, the Western Conference is going to be tough for the next few years. The Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, and the Utah Jazz all look like contenders, and LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers and Chris Paul's Phoenix Suns are also in the conversation. That is an absolutely stacked environment. In that scenario, the Golden State Warriors would likely need another offensive star to compete. 

There is no real reason right now for Stephen Curry to leave the Golden State Warriors as he is an icon in the Bay. However, there have been rumors of LeBron James recruiting him to the Lakers, and there is the allure of potentially winning more championships. Curry is 33 turning 34 next summer and is already a 3-time champion. On the Los Angeles Lakers, he would have a realistic chance to win a few more by teaming up with Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

While realistically Curry stays with the Golden State Warriors, there have been other situations where we've seen a superstar leave to a surprising destination. No one thought in 2016, or 2017 that LeBron James would be a Los Angeles Laker, but that move became a reality in 2018, even though they were one of the worst teams in the league. With all that being said, here are 5 reasons that Stephen Curry should make the move to Los Angeles.

5. Lakers Fans Would Love Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is notably one of the few people that has been able to topple a fully healthy LeBron James, which means that there has always been a rivalry aspect between Curry and James. However, it seems as though there is a lot of mutual respect between the two, and they clearly have a good relationship. They've played together in the All-Star game and there is no doubt that their games fit one another.

A talk between the superstars after the game was documented on Twitter, and they were both in good spirits. At the end of the day, it looks like the two could potentially make great teammates for each other. Stephen Curry is box office entertainment: there is no player like him. Imagine the atmosphere in Staples center if he were to join the best player of our generation on the Lakers.

4. Somebody Has Got To Stop The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets look like they have a monster superteam brewing in the Eastern Conference. Kevin Durant and James Harden would be MVP candidates if they were on separate teams, and Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards in the league. They have solid depth, and overall, they have looked like the best offensive team in the league. There is no one in the league with their star power, but if Stephen Curry goes to the Los Angeles Lakers then there will be a team that can rival them.

Stephen Curry has beaten Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden in the playoffs before. Curry knows what it takes to win at the highest level. With LeBron James' playmaking combined with Stephen Curry's off-ball gravity, they would be able to go toe to toe with the Nets offensively. 

3. The Lakers Are A Prestigious Franchise

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the two most storied franchises in the NBA. They have had a long history. They have had 62 playoff appearances and 17 championships. Aside from their basketball history, Los Angeles is a prime location for a superstar to live in. There are many superstars that have played for the Los Angeles Lakers, and there are many examples of superstar players who left their original franchise due to the allure of Los Angeles. Marketing opportunities, Hollywood, warm weather... The Los Angeles Lakers have it all.

The franchise also has a competent front office spearheaded by Rob Pelinka and an owner in Jeanie Buss who genuinely cares about the franchise. Stephen Curry wants to play for a franchise that is committed to winning. If the Los Angeles Lakers had both Stephen Curry and LeBron James on the roster, there is no doubt that they'd do their best to surround them with a team that can win it all.

2. Playing With LeBron James

Playing with LeBron James has to be a pleasure if you're one of his teammates. Aside from being an elite playmaker, LeBron James is also able to draw a lot of defenders, making his teammates' lives easier. LeBron James can impact every facet of the game and is an enormous offensive threat. If Stephen Curry went there, then they'd form a duo that is on par with the great Laker duos of the past such as Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, or Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They would be immensely fun to watch

While LeBron James and Stephen Curry would be viewed as one of the greatest duos ever, we cannot forget about Anthony Davis' presence. LeBron James isn't going to be around forever: it remains to be seen how long he can sustain his level of play, but there is no question that he's still got at least a few years in him. Anthony Davis will be able to take on the offensive load as LeBron James starts aging, allowing the Lakers to still be contenders. In terms of star power, this is a great situation for Stephen Curry.

1. Stephen Curry's Legacy

It is true that in basketball legacy, loyalty is valued. Stephen Curry has nothing left to prove to the world: he is a 3-time champion, and the greatest Golden State Warrior to have ever played the game. However, winning matters too, and Stephen Curry's legacy would look better if he managed to win a couple more championships.

If the Golden State Warriors don't make the Finals with a healthy Klay Thompson next season, then their championship window could be over. The Clippers have an MVP-caliber player in Kawhi Leonard leading the pack, and their roster has solid defenders all over. Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic look like they will be taking over the league soon, and LeBron James will still be there with the Los Angeles Lakers with Anthony Davis. The league is extremely talented, and no one will say the Warriors are championship locks like they used to be.

During LeBron James' time with the Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade gave James the leading role as he got older and faced injuries. As LeBron James ages, he could do the same for Stephen Curry, and let him take the offensive load off his hands. If they got to the Finals and won, then Stephen Curry could potentially win that elusive Finals MVP award that is missing from his trophy cabinet. Stephen Curry teaming up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis would be reminiscent of the Showtime Lakers with Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy. That team won 5 NBA championships. While this Stephen Curry move to the Lakers only has a small chance of happening, the very thought of it is extremely exciting.