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6 Factual Reasons why Chris Bosh is a guaranteed 1st Ballot Hall of Famer

Chris Bosh Hall of Famer

Chris Bosh has been underrated his whole career. He's been known for being funny-looking just like the Raptors logo. His on court flimsiness has been well documented. But the biggest factor that fans have overlooked has been his consistency. He's been consistently very good but not great, which is more than enough to warrant Hall of Fame status.

Excuse #1

He was only the 3rd wheel on those Miami Heat championship teams

Notable championship HOF 3rd wheels

1. Dennis Rodman

2. Robert Parish

3. James Worthy

Excuse #2

His career numbers don't stack up with all the other all time greats

They don't have to. The most quoted and trusted statistical source on the web is which gives him a 99 percent chance of being inducted.

Current Active players probability:

Lebron James 100%; Kevin Garnett 100%; Dwyane Wade 100%; Dirk Nowitzki 100%; Chris Paul 99%; Paul Pierce 99%; Chris Bosh 99%; Kevin Durant 99%; Dwight Howard 99%; Carmelo Anthony 99%.

Excuse #3

All-Stars are a popularity contest, they don't matter that much

Actually, the number of All-Star selections are the biggest and most significant factor for being inducted. Every eligible player with at least 9 All-Star selections have been inducted into the Hall of fame. Only one 8 x All-Star wasn't inducted (Larry Foust) and he retired in 1962 and died in 1984.

Chris Bosh has made 11 All-Star teams.

Excuse #4

He's not 1st ballot material

At this current stage in his career, he absolutely is. Of course, Bosh doesn't hold a candle to players like KG, Dirk, Duncan, Pierce, Kobe, Iverson, Jordan, etc.. But when you look at HOF criteria, it's all about timing. Bosh literally has no one standing in the way of him being the first ballot. All his competition will either be already inducted by the time he is eligible or won't be yet eligible because of the 4-year wait. Assuming this was Bosh's last season because of his uncertain blood clot illness.

Here is a list of eligible HOF classes by year of retirement. The hall has inducted between 3-6 players since 2008. Everyone besides Ben Wallace, Billups, Marion are surefire first ballots. Besides that, Bosh has a clear path to the Hall in the first year.

2012 - Ben Wallace

2013 - Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, Tracy Mcgrady

2014 - Ray Allen, Chauncey Billups

2015 - Steve Nash, Shawn Marion

2016 - Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Amare Stoudemire

Uncertain Status for retirement: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Vince Carter

Excuse #5

He's just not respectable

One major factor that keeps deserving players from making it is their controversy on and off the court.

Chris Webber has the numbers, and longevity and NCAA success but he lied to a grand jury about money he received to where they took the banners down at Michigan.

Tim Hardaway, another NBA standout made offensive remarks about gay people and has been ridiculed for it ever since.

Kevin Johnson had a HOF worthy career but accusations rose from the 90s where he paid off miners to keep quiet from his sexual advances.

Bosh has had a squeaky clean record off the court to where voters can't hold anything against him. They won't have a legitimate reason not to vote him in.

Final Factor

The last and final factor is when you combine 4 finals appearances to go along with 2 championships and 11 all star selections, it has all the makings of a Hall of Famer. Add the fact that he's an Olympic Gold medalist with a solid reputation off the court as well. He puts voters in a position to where they have no choice but to get Bosh on the very first try.