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6 Most Surprising Moves Of The NBA Offseason

6 Most Surprising Moves Of The NBA Offseason

The NBA is full of surprises and even though you may constantly be trying to figure out what’s going to happen next, players or general managers are always going to be one or two steps ahead of you.

This prior offseason brought some of the most surprising moves we’ve seen in a while, at least since the Kevin Durant move or LeBron James’ decision, and they even got some general managers by surprise.

So, following the yearly GM survey, we were able to get a look at what managers thought were the most surprising moves of the offseason, so let’s go ahead and rank them for you to make your own choice at home.

6. Carmelo Anthony Signs With The Rockets

Carmelo Anthony Rockets

We all knew Carmelo Anthony wasn’t going to stay at Oklahoma for long, as it became crystal clear that he couldn’t coexist with other ball-dominant players of the likes of Paul George and Russell Westbrook.

Even though, the fact that he decided to join the Rockets with yet another ball-dominant combo was a bit of a shock. Moreover, the fact that the Rockets wanted him after seeing him play last season was also surprising, but when they announced he’d come off the bench, we just lost it.

5. Jimmy Butler Requesting A Trade


Ever since the end of the past season, things weren’t going quite good in Minnesota, but honest to god, I thought they were going to get rid of Tom Thibodeau before trading away Jimmy Butler after all they gave to get him.

The Butler - Wiggins feud was something neither side could get past, and with Butler having most of the leverage, he decided he wanted out. Still, it comes as a major surprise, and we can’t wait to see where he lands.

4. Paul George Staying In Oklahoma


We were all sure that Paul George was going to be the first man out of the Oklahoma City Thunder and that he was going to join his hometown Los Angeles Lakers to carry Kobe Bryant’s torch.

But actually, it didn’t take long for Paul George to decide and announce that he was staying put with the Thunder for another run playing beside Russell Westbrook, quite a bold and brave move, we give that to him.

3. Kawhi Leonard - DeMar DeRozan Trade

Kawhi Leonard To The Toronto Raptors

The way Kawhi Leonard (mis)handled his entire situation was quite an unpleasant surprise for all of us, especially Gregg Popovich. At least, Pop got a hell of a player in return in DeMar DeRozan.

Moreover, the way the Raptors did DeMar, their so-called franchise player and a top 3 player in franchise history, was also a very unpleasant surprise. It was undeserving, but hey, if they punish you by sending you to the Spurs, you’re going to be ok.

2. LeBron James Signs With The Lakers


There was a lot of speculation regarding LeBron James’ future, and even though several insiders leaked his intentions to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, we were all shocked when he announced it.

The Sixers and Rockets looked as better options for the King, but his ties with Hollywood, the Lakers winning culture, Magic Johnson and the chance to lead young studs to the Finals were enough to convince him. Oh, yeah, and a huge paycheck.

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1. DeMarcus Cousins Signs With The Warriors


This one caught us all by surprise and is a move I can’t still possibly fathom up to this date. Coming off a career year and a season-ending injury, DeMarcus Cousins joined the Golden State Warriors on a 5 million one year deal.

It feels as if he gave up on his competitiveness and just wants to have a ring even if that means piggyback riding the Dubs. He bailed on the Pelicans and even gave up a lot of money just to finally make a playoffs appearance, and that’s both sad, soft and surprising if you ask me.