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6 NBA Players That Can't Win Without A Superteam

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The Golden State Warriors have pretty much ruined the NBA by completing DeMarcus Cousins’ signing, now featuring 5 All-Stars in their starting 5 and pretty much being an NBA 2K kind of squad.

Nobody but the Cleveland Cavaliers have been able to stop the Golden State Warriors since Steve Kerr took the reins of the team, but that was before Kevin Durant and now Boogie Cousins decided to join them.

So, since the league has been reluctant to step up and try to stop this kind of unfair moves to prevent the Warriors from ruining the league, players should just go ahead and take matters into their own hands and join forces to beat the Dubs.

Today, we’ll let you know about the players that should join or create the super team and try to beat the Golden State Warriors.

6. DeMar DeRozan


DeMar DeRozan has proven two things over the course of his career. One: he’s a hell of a scorer and he’s been able to improve on a yearly basis and thrive without the need of having a three point shot.

And two: he’s not a franchise player and is unable to single handedly lead a team in the postseason. Still, paired with top-notch talents, he could be a huge threat in the elbow and a great scoring complement.

5. Damian Lillard

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Damian Lillard has always been on a mission to prove that he’s one of the best players in the league, but due to the lack of a capable support cast, he’s been unable to actually do so and thrive in the playoffs.

Still, with that kind of hard-nosed competitive nature and his ability to just put a lot of points in a huge variety of ways, he’d love to have the chance to stick it to the man and kick the Dubs’ butt next to other All-Stars to finally get the respect he deserves.

4. Jimmy Butler

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Jimmy Butler is reportedly fed up with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the lack of character their young studs have shown, so he wouldn’t mind leaving the team in order to actually compete.

Butler is one of the best two way player in the league and one of the few players that could at least try and contain Curry, Thompson or Durant, and leave offensive duties in the hands of some of the other players were about to mention.

3. John Wall


John Wall hasn’t been able to lead the Washington Wizards in the playoffs, but he’s still one of the best playmakers in the world and one of the most underrated backcourt defenders in the league as well.

Paired with capable partners, Wall could easily average over 15 dimes a game and his scoring ability has never been in doubt, even despite his lack of jump shot. He just needs to have a better support cast.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

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If Giannis Antetokounmpo could shoot, he’d be by far the best player in the world by a long shot, but paired with these kind of ballers, he wouldn’t even need to shoot the rock and could just aggressively drive and dominate down low.

Giannis is perhaps the most switchable defender in the league, he can guard 1 through 5, is a great passer and ball handler and is just unstoppable in the paint, and with Lillard and Butler wide open, he’d thrive in the pick and pop as well.

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1. Anthony Davis


And finally, we could add Davis into the mix to show the Warriors the player they’ve never been able to get, and to give him the chance to get back at Cousins for signing with the Dubs even after he wore his jersey during the All-Star game following his Achilles injury.

Davis is a deadly and unstoppable scorer and one of the best rim protectors in the league as well, and his versatility and dynamism make him the perfect Warriors kryptonite, and the only hope to stop them.