6 NBA Players That Could Come Back Next Season

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6 NBA Players That Could Come Back Next Season Monta Ellis

Making an NBA comeback is something just a handful of players get the actual chance to do, as the game changes and evolves so fast that players tend to get obsolete if they fail to adapt to the demands of modern basketball.

Injuries, age or trouble getting along with their coaches and teammates are one of the main reasons why players get snubbed from NBA rosters, not to mention the fact that they could have a bigger role and paycheck elsewhere.

Even so, all players dream of thriving at basketball’s ultimate stage, and playing at the highest of levels will always be their goal. Today, we’re going to let you know about 6 veteran players that could make an NBA comeback pretty soon.

6. Thomas Robinson

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Ever since making it to the Russian league, Thomas Robinson has turned a lot of heads and made several highlight reels due to his great strength, athleticism and emphatic poster dunks over the biggest opposition.

His lack of a jumper makes him a bit of a tweener for the NBA, but he’s made great strides in Europe and could bring a lot of hustle and energy in both sides of the board off the bench for a contending side.

5. Monta Ellis


Monta Ellis spent this entire season sitting on his couch after not signing even a 10-day contract with any of the 30 NBA teams, something that truly struck as a surprise considering he’s a prime candidate to lead the second unit in scoring.

Ellis lack of a three-point shot and his diminished speed took a toll on his game, but there’s absolutely no reason to believe he’s not NBA material despite being 32 years old, and he should be on every contending team’s agenda.

4. Ty Lawson

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Ty Lawson is his own worst enemy and his lack of discipline and own personal woes have made him a very difficult player to trust for sure, but his recent desire to make an NBA comeback and brief stint with the Wizards may suggest a comeback is on the making.

Lawson was a top-notch ball handler and playmaker during his years with the Nuggets, a walking double-double that could thrive on today’s fast-paced offense, but only if he’s able to get back on his feet.

3. Boris Diaw


Boris Diaw never relied on his athleticism or speed to be a productive NBA player, so even if he’s a bit out of shape, he could still contribute in multiple areas of the score box should any team hand him an offer.

Diaw is a consistent shooter, a terrific playmaker, a solid rebounder and a very smart player any team could use, as well as providing a lot of versatility by being able to play both forward spots and even some center in small ball lineups.

2. Deron Williams


Deron Williams was once considered to be among the world’s 3 best point guards, but lack of playoff success and constant injuries and lingering pains made the former Jazz, Nets, Mavs and Cavs player wander around the league without anybody willing to offer him a deal.

Still, if Derrick Rose can still ball in this league, why wouldn’t Deron? And with the high demand and short supplies of capable playmakers in the league, it’s safe to expect him to make a comeback at some point next season.

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1. Amar’e Stoudemire

Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Amar’e Stoudemire tried his luck in Israel and stated that he would love to make a comeback to the NBA after a very successful tenure with Phoenix, New York and Dallas, trying to finally win an NBA Championship before retiring for good.

STAT made the most out of his strength and explosiveness, and even though most of it may be gone by now, he can still bully his way into the paint and be a very productive player off the bench for sure.