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6 NBA Players That Could Get A Max Contract This Summer


Some players prefer to get paid big time rather than compete, while others are lucky enough to be able to do so, being the highest paid players on a contending team and having the best of both worlds.

As ballers age, they tend to try and choose why they want the most: the ring or the cash, with most of them pursuing the ladder as they know they won’t have many chances of getting a big deal over the final passages of their careers.

This year’s free agency features some quite interesting players for sure and is going to be one of the most stacked classes of the past couple of years. Today, we’re going to let you know about 6 players that are going to pursue a max contract for sure.

6. Chris Paul


Chris Paul has just turned 33 years old and has been kind of injury prone all of his career, so this one would be the last chance he gets to sign a max offer before deciding to call it a career and retire.

Also, with the Rockets being one of the frontrunners to make it to the Finals, CP3 would have no bigger motivation other than money for this upcoming campaign after finally defeating his longtime playoff curse.

5. Aaron Gordon


Aaron Gordon was reportedly on the trade block by the Orlando Magic this season, so it feels like they may be open to letting him walk this summer should the offer be really high for the injury-prone young stud.

Not matching him would be a major mistake by the Magic, but then again, we’re talking about the Magic here. Either way, with his youth and upside, he’s one of the prime high risk-high rewards free agents for the summer.

4. DeAndre Jordan

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Jordan knows this one’s his last chance to get a huge paycheck and he’s definitely going to make the most of it, having a lot of leverage over the rebuilding Los Angeles Clippers although they’ve looked unwilling to commit with him for the long run.

Even if the Clippers don’t make enough efforts to keep him on board, he’s one of the league’s top-tier rim protectors and a lot of teams are going to be on the hunt for an athletic and dominant big man.

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3. Paul George

paul george nba oklahoma

Paul George is just not going back to the Oklahoma City Thunder after they were embarrassed once again in the playoffs, but he’s definitely going to get paid a lot of money as one of this year’s biggest free agent names on the market.

The Lakers are very likely to pursue him and they have the kind of money that would make him very interested in signing, and considering he’s keen to play for a huge market and has a very big ego, he won’t settle for anything but the max this summer.

2. Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant is very likely to take a slight pay cut to try and make numbers work for the Dubs and keep Klay Thompson on board, but if he doesn’t he’s going to demand a lot of cash from Golden State for sure.

His credibility already took a major hit after he decided to bail on the Thunder and sign with them, so he’s not going to risk it anymore by leaving again. Having said that, he’s a lock to be a Warrior for life now, so they should just go ahead and offer him the max already.

1. DeMarcus Cousins


DeMarcus Cousins’ season got off to a premature ending after he suffered a heart-breaking Achilles injury, but he was balling light out all season long up to the point where he was even on an early MVP considerations this season.

He’s a loyal fella and he’s likely to stay put at New Orleans, but he’s going to favor a max deal even ahead of contending, especially considering he may never be the same after this injury, and that this one may be his last shot at getting paid a lot of dough.