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6 reasons why LeBron can never pass Jordan as the Great of All-Time

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James

Michael Jordan is considered to the greatest NBA player of All-Time. Lebron has solidified his own status as the reigning champ bringing Cleveland it's the only championship in over five decades. Lebron has been climbing the ranks but it will forever be uphill for him to catch G.O.A.T. status.

Here are 6 undeniable reasons why he'll never be considered the greatest...

Factor 1: Global Brand

Michael Jordan remains the NBA 's single biggest global brand because of his shoes. He has the most recognizable logo amongst all payers in sports. Fans continue to flock to stores awaiting his release dates for his Retros. What sets Jordan's shoes apart from everyone else is that you can distinguish his playing years with his shoes.

His patent leather 11's are attributed with the Bulls 72-10 season. The 12s are remembered for being the "flu game" J's. His very first pair catapulted the brand after being fined every time he wore them. No other athlete has had that type of impact on shoes including LeBron who signed to a lifetime Nike contract.

Lebron has been a cash king, but it is Mike who currently sits alone as the billion dollar athlete.

Factor 2: NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Factor 2 - Jordan dominated on the defensive end to where he won the DPOY award. That award set him apart from Bird, Magic, Kobe, Oscar, Dr. J, and Jerry West amongst other all time great wing players in history. LeBron is great on defense but he's also known for being a notorious flopper, something Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kobe just weren't accustomed to doing.

There are too many instances of LeBron's flopping to make an hour-long mixtape. Until LeBron somehow wins a Defensive POY award. He'll never be considered the defender Jordan was. Mike is tied KG, Kobe, and Payton for most all def 1st teams.

Factor 3: The Dream Team

The Dream Team is considered to be the greatest team ever assembled. Jordan dismantled half of the Dream Team at the highest level in the finals including Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Drexler and Magic. Mike simply set himself apart from his peers. No knock on LeBron but he lost to Dirk, Duncan twice and Curry once.

LeBron made amends getting revenge on the Spurs and the Warriors. But nothing will erase those losses even if he didn't always have the necessary help. LeBron is now 3 for 7 in the finals. He'll have to win the next one just to be .500. No player can ever brag that they beat Jordan in a championship series. He simply wouldn't let them.

Factor 4: The Highlights

Jordan has the most memorable highlights out of any player in NBA history. Whether it was "the shot" on Ehlo, the gw vs Georgetown, the 55 on the Knicks, the dunk on Mutombo, the switch vs Magic, the baseline dunk on Ewing, the "push" on Russell for the 6th chip. The jump from the free-throw line in the "Dunk Contest". Mike put on a show during All-Star weekends. LeBron has yet to participate in it even though he promised one year he would.

Mike has a plethora of unforgettable highlights. LeBron is no slouch himself but pales in comparison to Mike in making the most game-changing plays. Although LeBron is still building his resume, he isn't always remembered for hitting the big shots or being that clutch in the postseason as far as game-winning shots. Two of LeBron's 3 championships can be attested to Kyrie Irving and Ray Allen hitting game winning shots although LeBron was the best player on the floor.

Factor 5: The One and Only

Jordan never had the pressure of trying to live up to another player's standard. When he came in the league there was no quote on quote GOAT. Dr. J had been the face of the ABA but was not viewed as the greatest in the NBA. Fans were divided between Wilt's stats vs Russ's rings. Magic had dominated the 80s but wasn't always considered the Alpha playing with Kareem as Oscar benefited from KAP as well.

Mike became the greatest because he was always the alpha on the team. Fans have been looking for an heir ever since he retired in '98. Everyone from G-Hill to Vince, Penny, Stackhouse, KD, Kobe, T-Mac, D-Wade and LeBron have all at one point been dubbed the "Next Jordan". LeBron chose to Don Mike's famous #23 thus continuing MJ's legacy rather than creating his own. He's even making a Space Jam 2 further raising Jordan's status as the standard to reach for.

Factor 6: The Undefeated

Jordan was a perfect 6 for 6 in the NBA finals. Not even Bill Russell was was perfect in the finals, nor Kareem, Wilt, Oscar, Magic, Bird, Duncan, Kobe or Shaq was either. Floyd Mayweather may not be considered the greatest boxer of all time but having a perfect record was the biggest leg that he always had to stand on.

To be undefeated in a category puts Jordan head and shoulders above the rest because it leaves no blemishes or room for dispute. LeBron has already lost 4 times in the finals. The more finals he wins the better his record looks, but there's nothing
more gratifying than being "perfect" while earning a record of 6 Finals MVPs as well.


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