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9 Records That LeBron James Will Break This Season


Everybody has something to do with what LeBron James has to do and say, given the fact that he’s one of the best players in the world right now, an undisputed first-ballot Hall of Famer and some may even consider him one of the best players in the history of the game.

LeBron has been constantly reaching milestones and achieving great things, working his butt off to live as own personal motto stats: Strive for Greatness, and he has already written his name in the history books of this beautiful game.

And of course, entering his 15th NBA season at the “tender” age of 32, the three-time NBA Champion is poised to keep climbing the ladders when it comes to the All-Time leaders in pretty much every single possible category recorded.

So, apparently and according to the redditor “Person_Impersonator”, there are actually 9 NBA records that LeBron James can -and most likely will- break this season, so if you’re King James found, you’re in for a treat as soon as the campaign begins.

1. He’ll become the league’s 8th leading scorer

LeBron, the league’s 7th leading scorer after he surpassed Shaq O'Neal last season, could even pass both Julius Irving (1,239 points) and Wilt Chamberlain (2,632 points). Considering how much of a dominant and versatile scorer the King has always been, we can consider this a fact, although he’s probably going to need another full season to pass Wilt, as he would have to average at least 32 points this year in order to reach that milestone.

2. He’ll become the league’s 7th all-time in made field goals

LeBron has always been extremely consistent when it comes to scoring, and he’s currently the 15th all-time in that regard. For context, with just 326 field goals this season, he’ll pass Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon (10th all time) and with 907, he’ll overcome Shaquille O’Neal this same campaign. If he wants to catch Kobe, he’ll need another season, as he needs 1296 buckets to pass the Mamba.

3. He’ll become top 20 in 3 pointers scored

The King has never been much of a good shooter from beyond the arc - or a good shooter for that matter - but he has always come big when it matters the most. Still, considering that he “just” needs 141 makes from downtown to go from being 26th all time to a top 20 scorer, we’re very confident he’s going to achieve this milestone as well.

4. He’ll become top 70 in total boards

LeBron is currently sitting on the 83rd all-time list when it comes to owning the glass, but he’s not that far away from reaching the top 70. As a matter of fact, with averages of just over 7 boards throughout the season, he could reach that, and he manages to grab 8 to 9 boards per contest, he could even surpass Willis Reed at the 68th spot, but he needs 708 rebounds in order to do so.

5. He’ll become the 11th in assists made

LeBron has always been an outstanding passer and a guy that has eyes in every single corner of the hardwood, so it’s pretty likely to see him surpassing Rod Strickland at the 11th all-time spot, as he only needs 526 helpers in order to do so, which would require him to average over 6.4 per game, something he could easily achieve considering how much he has the rock on his hands.

6. He’ll become the league’s 18th all-time in steals

LeBron has always been an outstanding defender and he’s deadly in the passing lanes, so we should consider this milestone a fact. The King currently sits at the 22nd spot in all-time steals, and with just over 1.3 per game, he’ll climb as high as Kevin Garnett, who is currently the 18th leader in that regard, but he’ll still need at least one more season to get to the top 15th after passing Kobe.

7. He’ll become the 120th all-time in blocks

LeBron’s signature chase-down swat can definitely get him higher on the all-time list this upcoming season, as he’s currently 129th in that regard, but he just needs 47 blocks per contest to overcome Kenyon Martin at the 120th spot, something that will need him to block 0.5 shots per game assuming he plays in all 82 matchups this season (something unlikely considering the Cavs are pretty much a lock to rest their starters at the end of the season).

8. He’ll become top 10 in all-time made free throws

LeBron’s shooting from the charity stripe has always been inconsistent and he even changes his release and pretty much all his mechanics between games, so this one is kind of hard to predict, still, considering that he just needs 230 freebies to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the 10th all-time spot, we should consider this like a done deal already, even if it comes after the Hack-A-LeBron strategy becomes a thing.

9. He’ll become at least 8th in career total turnovers

Obviously, if you’re constantly running your team’s offense, you’re very likely to make mistakes and force things a little bit, especially against quicker and smaller defenders. So, Bron has been always kind of turnover prone. So, currently sitting at the top 10 spot in all-time career TO’s, he seems like a lock to pass Isiah Thomas this season, just needing 63 more mistakes to do so. Furthermore, if he keeps his past season averages, he could even pass Julius Erving at the 6th all-time spot with averages of 4 turnovers per game.