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All-NBA Son Team

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Reaching the NBA is one of the hardest things any basketball player can achieve, but once you do, you’re pretty much done for life, meaning you’ve earned so much money that you can rest assured that you’ve hooked up your family for life.

More than that, if you have a balling son, he’s a lock to draw a lot of attention, considering his old man also played in the greatest competitive league in all of the major sports for some time and JR may have inherited some of the goods.

While some sons never live up to the expectations - like Patrick Ewing Jr - some of them wind up being way better than their old men, and today, we’re going to let you know about today’s NBA All-Son squad.

PG: Steph Curry

Total no-brainer here. Dell Curry was a hell of a shooter as well, but Steph has already become the best shooter in the history of the game, owning some handling skills that are just off the charts and just guys like Kyrie Irving may overplay.

Curry can shoot lights out from anywhere on the hardwood and has already won 2 MVPs and 2 NBA Championships, with the Golden State Warriors looking for the back to back this season and Curry leading the way.

SF: Gary Payton II

Gary Payton II isn’t anywhere nearly as talented as his old man, The Glove, who was one of the most gifted backcourt defenders this history has ever seen with his ability to just scratch the rock out of the hands of anybody.

Still, and even though he’s yet to establish himself as a consistent rotation player in the NBA, Gary Payton II has the kind of defensive skill set to become a very important piece on any roster where he may find playing time and prove his worth.

SF: Tim Hardaway Jr

Just like Payton, Hardaway isn’t as dominant and talented as his father was back in the day, but after some early struggles, THJ has become one of the main pieces in the New York Knicks young core.

His athleticism, much-improved defense and ability to score in a variety of ways make him a very valuable asset nowadays, and even though he may not be the All-Star kind of talent you’d like to see in the Big Apple, he has the tools to be a terrific role player.

PF: Klay Thompson

Obviously, playing Klay at the four would be madness, but it’s just for the purpose of this article. Either way, Thompson has become a top 5 two way player in the league with his great backcourt defense and his ability to shoot the three-pointer with great ease.

Thompson’s arc and release are pretty much perfect and he’s been fundamental for the Golden State Warriors ever since entering the league. Still, there have been several rumors that state that the Lakers would like to pursue him in 2019, and considering Klay’s father also played for the Lakers, they would have a realistic shot at landing him, with him keen to have a bigger role elsewhere.

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C: Larry Nance Jr

Larry Nance Jr entered the league with not much praise or scouring, but he’s already proven that he’s worthy of a roster spot in today’s NBA with his great work ethic and hustle night in and night out for the sluggish Lakers.

Nance is an athletic monster, a very fast player for his size and a strong presence down low, and even though he lacks the kind of range you’d like to see in most big men right now, he’s got a very promising NBA career ahead of himself.