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Ben Simmons And The Top 10 Worst Mid-Range Shooters In The NBA

Ben Simmons Shot NBA

Philadelphia 76ers young superstar, Ben Simmons, has shown how talented of a player he really is by winning the Rookie of the Year for the most recent season, however, it’s safe to say that his mid-range shooting is not what won him the award.

Last season, Simmons had a mid-range percentage shot of 27.8% which is lowest of the NBA, just in front of John Wall at 28.1%. The big man certainly can score, he finished third amongst the other rookies of the season. Simmons was just about impossible to stop every time he drove to the basket to dunk or lay it up but it’s his mid-range shooting that held him back in parts of his game.

After a dominant regular season, Simmons struggled in the playoffs against the Celtics where they exposed his ability to make shots from mid-range and from the 3-point line. The series showed the blueprint on how to contain Simmons and therefore defeat Philadelphia. Celtics players did well to trap Simmons into having to shoot more difficult outside shots that he struggled to hit.

For the 76ers to have a genuine chance of going far in next years playoffs, this is something Ben Simmons will need to address and then work on. As such a young player who’s only had one full season in the NBA, there’s plenty of time for Simmons to turn things around when it comes to his mid-range shooting.

Top 10 Worst Mid-Range Shooters for 2017/2018

1. Ben Simmons – 27.8%

2. John Wall – 28.1%

3. Taurean Prince – 29.8%

4. Jae Crowder – 30.4%

5. Blake Griffin – 30.4%

6. Dennis Smith Jr. – 30.6%

7. Skal Labissiere – 30.8%

8. Andrew Wiggins – 31.8%

9. Dillon Brooks – 32.2%

10. Dejounte Murray – 32.9%