Best New Year Wishes For Every NBA Team In 2020

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Fadeaway World

As we approach 2020, NBA teams might be wondering what their ultimate New Year's wish is. If their wish was to come true, they would be much better off than they are right now.

But what is the wish for every NBA team?

While contending teams want to keep healthy and make it far in the playoffs, some rebuilding teams might be praying on health and wealth- in terms of young players in next year's draft. Here is every team's wishlist for the current season.

Atlanta Hawks - Land All-Star Player To Help Trae Young

The Hawks are actually a decent team this year, and they have something positive to build on with Trae Young as their star. Especially in the weak Eastern Conference, the Hawks are not too far away from becoming a consistent playoff team. If the Hawks were to add a player like Andre Drummond, who is set to become a Free Agent and is still a dominant defensive big, the Hawks might become a legitimate playoff contender. The Hawks are only one All-Star player away from becoming a top 6 seed in the East.

Boston Celtics - Land Steven Adams

The Celtics have everything it takes to be an Eastern Conference Finalist, except depth at the center position. Luckily, they might have some options available on the trade market. The Thunder are in clear rebuild mode, and Steven Adams is one of the players who could be on his way out. The Celtics could use a big man desperately, as their depth at that position will show itself in the playoffs. They must grab a star-caliber big man to compete with top teams, as Enes Kanter and Robert Williams are not enough.

Brooklyn Nets - Full Squad In 2020

Brooklyn is simply playing the waiting game at this point, and next year could be the year that Brooklyn has a championship team. All they need is one thing: A full squad in 2020. While this is an early wishlist, Brooklyn can be a real problem with both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving's healthy. We have seen how good the Nets are with Kyrie, and are probably a 6th seed at best. With a healthy KD, the Nets can be in the ECF.

Charlotte Hornets - Make The Playoffs

The Hornets would love to be in the playoffs, to prove everybody wrong about their offseason and to also quicken their rebuilding process. The Hornets look shattered with their trade of Kemba Walker, but they have not done so poorly. A playoff appearance would be a very welcoming situation for their fans.

Chicago Bulls - Make The Playoffs

The Bulls have a nice cast of players, and they are praying for a chance to make the playoffs. Led by exciting young players including Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen, the Bulls are hoping that stars align and they get to play in the playoffs to get their young stars some valuable experience.

Cleveland Cavaliers - Get A Top-5 Pick

The Cavs won't be any good this year, and all they can wish for is a strong first-round pick- and hopefully the very first one. They have some nice young players and adding another one would greatly increase their chances of ever being relevant without the great LeBron James.

Dallas Mavericks - Land Center

The Dallas Mavericks are a very nice team, with two-star players in Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic. Doncic already looks like a superstar player, and he will be their franchise player moving forward. But the Mavericks can get even better if they are able to add a strong center to start alongside Porzingis. Porzingis is a very talented player but needs a dominant defensive big like Drummond or Montrezl Harrell to help him focus on offense.

Denver Nuggets - Play In The NBA Finals

The Nuggets are a top-three team in the West right now and are just an excellent team overall thanks to their depth and playing style. They should have enough to make a legitimate Finals run, and their only wish for this New Year's is to make the Finals. They have a shot as long as they keep healthy, and Jokic plays like an MVP candidate.

Detroit Pistons - Make The Playoffs

The Pistons should be a lot better than their record suggests since they have two All-Star caliber big men and some nice pieces like Luke Kennard and Derrick Rose. The Pistons need to make the playoffs, or else their entire core is in jeopardy. For the sake of Pistons fans, and the chance for Andre Drummond to re-sign next year, the Pistons would love to make the Playoffs.

Golden State Warriors - No. 1 Pick In The 2020 NBA Draft

The Warriors have been an absolute mess all year long since their superstar players are all injured. While the Warriors will be good next year, they would love to land a top pick in the coming NBA Draft to make them an instant contender right now along with a strong base for the future. This would be the greatest gift Warriors fans could have since this season is all but over.

Houston Rockets - NBA Title

The Rockets are a strong team led by James Harden and Russell Westbrook, and they are a real problem for any top team in the league. Once Eric Gordon returns from injury, they can potentially be unstoppable on offense. The Rockets pray that everyone stays healthy and that this is finally their year to win it all.

Indiana Pacers - The Eastern Conference Finals

The Pacers are actually a very good team, as they have stayed afloat without their star player Victor Oladipo. Oladipo is a very good player who can do it all on both ends of the floor, and his return will greatly bolster the Pacer's offense and defense. The Pacers have enough to make it past the first round of the playoffs, so their wish is to surprise everyone and play in the ECF.

Los Angeles Clippers - NBA Title

The Clippers went all in this season, and it is either championship or bust for them. Still, their wishlist is very simple: Win the title. They have probably the most probability out of any NBA team, thanks to their two superstar players and incredible depth, but it still won't be easy. Their wish is to make their path easier so that they hoist the championship trophy.

Los Angeles Lakers - NBA Title

The Lakers have the exact same wish: Win the NBA title. The Lakers also went all in for Anthony Davis, and the hopes that he will mesh with LeBron is their ultimate calling card. So far, they have been a real problem, and it is only a matter of time before we finally recognize if they have enough to win it all. Their wish is to win it all.

Memphis Grizzlies - Top Pick In The NBA Draft

The Grizzlies moved on from their Grit n Grind era, and are rebuilding with the likes of Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. That is a nice core, and their main wish is to add one more top pick to form a potential Big Three down the line. The Grizzlies need to keep taking and they could make their wish come true.

Miami Heat - The Eastern Conference Finals

The Heat is much better than everybody thought, as their rookies are playing amazingly while Jimmy Butler is playing like a bonafide superstar. The Heat are good enough to make it past the first round, but their wish is to make it to the ECF. The Heat might have enough to make it happen, but they need their wish to come true first.

Minnesota Timberwolves - To Land D'Angelo Russell

The Wolves are a better team this year with the improved maturity of both Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. But they need a point guard who can score and pass, and D'Angelo Russell fits the bill in every way. He will fit their playing style and is still young enough to make the Wolves contenders down the line as well. The pairing with KAT and Russell would be very interesting, so let's see if their wish of adding Russell can come true.

Milwaukee Bucks - Play In The NBA Finals

The Bucks are an excellent team and gave the best record in the league. They also have superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo on their team, a superstar that is probably a top-three player in the world. The Bucks wish is to make it all the way to the NBA Finals, and have a chance to play for the coveted NBA title. The Bucks want to win it all, as do every team, but making the Finals would be a very successful season.

New Orleans Pelicans - Zion Williamson's Health

The Pelicans have only one thing on their wishlist: Get Zion Williamson back 100% healthy. As good as Brandon Ingram has played this season, Zion will be their best player and is their greatest talent. Zion can change their franchise around and stop them from being pushovers, so they are banking that he comes back healthy this year.

New York Knicks - Top Pick In The NBA Draft

The Knicks' season is pretty much over already, so they hope that they can manage to actually grab a franchise-changing pick next year. R.J. Barret has not performed as expected, and the Knicks are not good once again. If they are able to capture a legitimate franchise player, they could finally be on the right track to building a competitive team.

Oklahoma City Thunder - To Finally Start Rebuilding

The Thunder have some nice pieces that fit their rebuilding scheme, but they would like to speed the process. Their wishlist for this season is to get sufficient return for their assets, including Chris Paul, Steven Adams, and Danilo Gallinari. The Thunder need young players and first-round picks, so their wish is to move on from these veterans once and for all.

Orlando Magic - Make The Playoffs

The Magic needs to be in the playoffs, as they have not been a contender in the East since the Dwight Howard days which was around a decade ago. The Magic would love to make the playoffs to remind themselves of the taste postseason victory and make themselves an attractive free-agent destination next year.

Philadelphia 76ers - Play In The NBA Finals

The Sixers are an excellent team, mainly because they have Joel Embiid. He is a great talent and a big man who wants to be the best player in the league. The Sixers also have Ben Simmons who is still a force at distributing the ball and pushing the pace, so their wish is to make sure their star players lead them to play in the NBA Finals for the first time since Allen Iverson carried them there.

Phoenix Suns - To Land An All-Star Player

The Phoenix Suns are not a very good team, although they have nice talented players on their team. Their wish is to add another All-Star player to join the likes of Devin Booker to catapult them into the playoffs. The Suns would certainly love to add a player like Blake Griffin, who would add some scoring and size for a team that needs it. The Sun's wish list is to add a star player this season.

San Antonio Spurs - Rebuild For The Future

The Spurs are simply not a good team, and their DeRozan-Aldridge pairing has not worked out at all. The Spurs wish is to move on from their two stars and start their next chapter that will soon be without the great Gregg Popovich. The Spurs should hope this is done as quickly as possible before their stars get older and lose trade value.

Sacramento Kings - To Land All-Star Player

The Kings need to add another All-Star player as their wish for this year's New Year. The Kings have nine players, including Marvin Bagley III and Buddy Hield, and they just need an All-Star player to help them get in the playoffs. If the Kings can get their wish to come true, it would be a blessing for them.

Portland Trail Blazers - Land Kevin Love

The Blazers have been very disappointing this year, and they desperately need some more scoring and rebounding on the inside. Kevin Love can provide just that, and would give them a tremendous option to pair alongside their two-star guards and center Jusuf Nurkic. The wish for the Blazers is to acquire Love via trade, and get their season back on track before it's too late.

Toronto Raptors - The Eastern Conference Finals

The Raptors are a good team and have surprised the league as they play together and play hard every night. Their wish is very simple: Make it to the Eastern Conference Finals again. Many thought the Raptors would rebuild after the loss of Kawhi Leonard, but they have regrouped and look very strong on the court. They need to keep up their high level of play to make their wish come true.

Utah Jazz - The Western Conference Finals

The Jazz got even better by trading for Jordan Clarkson, and they now have a solid case of scoring and defense. Their wish is to make the Western Conference Finals this year, and hope that they play well enough all year long to make this happen. Jazz has everything they need to compete, so they just need to get it done.

Washington Wizards - John Wall's Health

No one really knows what is going on in Washington, with regards to the pairing of Wall and Beal. For now, it seems that they want to keep them playing with each other, and therefore their wish is for John Wall to return 100% healthy. Wall was a top-five point guard when healthy, and the Wizards will hope that their franchise player returns motivated and in shape.