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Boston Celtics Next Move: Draft Markelle, Lonzo or Trade the 1st Pick

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With the First pick in the 2017 NBA draft the Boston Celtics select...

The Luck o' the Irish landed with the Celtics, well, at least with the draft position because they were being destroyed by LeBron and the Cavs prior to the game 3 win. The draft is filled with Guards and for the most part, the Celtics are set with Isaiah Thomas running the point and having Marcus Smart back him up. So what are the Celtics in need of to be back in the Finals? Do they have the time to wait for the development of their pick, which will most likely be Markelle Fultz?

It's a weirdly good position to be in because having a top pick on the roster with a championship contending team would be a great exposure to gain experience and growth. It's also not a bad idea to draft someone like Lonzo to back up the backup, meaning, I.T. is out for the remainder of the Playoffs, what if it happens again and Marcus doesn't play at that same caliber as he did, what then of the Celtics?

Is this year's First pick valuable enough to trade for a top star?

Yes, but it's not a necessity because another option the Celtics have is Free Agency. It's no secret they are almost back on top, but they need an additional Play Maker/Closer to get them over the Cavs and trading would be the good option. Celtics have the lure to catch a big fish like Blake Griffin, Gordon Hayward, and Paul Millsap. The best trade would be with teams that are in dire need of a Point Guard like the Pelicans, but trading for Boogie would be a huge risk given the fact that he has not committed to re-signing and it could be an expensive 1-year rental.

3 Trade Scenarios That Will Be An Immediate Solution

Jimmy Butler


He would be on the roster unless traded or otherwise for the next 3 seasons. There's no doubt Jimmy is a premier defender and scorer, just what the Celtics need, even more importantly is his ability to close out games in crunch time. The Bulls will be asking for multiple pieces aside from the first pick, but a worthwhile trade none the less.

What can the Boston Celtics offer to the Chicago Bulls?

Jimmy Butler is going to be expensive. He is one of the best two-way players in the league and he will be a great force for the Celtics Nation. 1st Round Pick, 2nd Round Pick, Jae Crowder and Jaylen Brown will be a tremendous offer for the Chicago Bulls Front Office.

Paul George


The big talk is Paul George, he is unhappy with the situation in Indiana and speculations are, he will be leaving to LA when his contract is up. That makes for a low-cost trade but could be a 1-year costly rental. Then again everything is speculation and rumor, what if he stays in Boston if traded, I mean they are a contender and set for the future. The only certainty with George, he's been working out with Kobe, not that Kobe will sway Paul George to LA, but Kobe does have influence.

What can the Boston Celtics offer to the Indiana Pacers?

Regardless of who they trade for Paul George, he will be a high risk because he could ultimately decide to walk. Boston should still attempt to trade and offer the 2017 1st Pick and Jaylen Brown or the 2017 1st Pick and 1 of the 2017 2nd Round Picks. Something cheap because Paul George is going to demand a trade pending free agency and any moves the Pacers make to improve the team.

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Carmelo Anthony


The only problem I see with this trade scenario is the notion that Carmelo requires the ball at all times. True or not, the Celtics will be adding a much needed 20 Point per game making them a definite threat to the throne. Also, the Celtics might not need to part ways with their first pick because they have several more picks and New York in exchange can draft a much needed Point Guard or build for the future that can develop with Kristaps.

What can the Boston Celtics offer to the New York Knicks?

New York Knicks wants to trade Carmelo Anthony, and Boston Celtics can use a few draft picks (without the 1st pick in the 2017 NBA Draft) and Jae Crowder. Carmelo will leave the Knicks, it's just a matter of time.