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Breaking Up The Warriors Death Lineup And Where They Will Go


There’s no doubt that the Golden-State Warriors have the most talented starting lineup in the history of basketball. They have 2 former MVPs, a former defensive player of the year, the 2nd best shooting guard in the league and arguably the best center in the league as well.

We all thought that the Warriors had too much firepower back in 2016. Then they added the greatest scorer alive in Kevin Durant, and now they’ve added DeMarcus Cousins. This just isn’t fair and I don’t know how the Warriors can’t win it all again this season. There would have to be a major collapse for anyone to beat them in a 7 game series.

No good thing lasts forever though; the Warriors will break up and it will probably be soon. Each player on their starting 5 deserves a max contract and the Warriors simply cannot afford to give each player what they deserve.

This roster may even break up after this season. Player’s may feel that winning 3 titles on a row is enough for now and that they want to pursue other things. For the sake of the rest of the league, I hope that happens.

Here’s what I predict will happen to each of the 5 players in the GSW’s starting 5 in the future.

1. Steph Curry - Warrior Forever

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The one guy who will not leave the Bay Area is the Warrior’s cornerstone; Steph Curry. The Warriors trusted him with the 7th pick in 2009 and their faith has paid off big time. Curry will not want to leave the area he calls home and he feels like a player who wants to give his whole career to his original team.

GSW also cannot afford to lose him. He is the heart of the Warriors and their most important player. Durant may have won the last 2 Finals MVPs but Curry is the engine that keeps this offensive juggernaut moving.

2. Klay Thompson - 2019 Lakers


Klay Thompson is severely overlooked time and time again on this Warriors roster. It’s probably because he isn’t as good as Curry or Durant and isn’t as loud and flamboyant as Draymond Green. Make no mistake though, it’s no coincidence that the Warriors only started making the Finals when Klay started playing at an All-Star level.

Klay is a free agent next summer and he will have so many options to choose from. He is worth at least $35 million a season and the question is are the Warriors willing to pay that? Klay is so important for them right now and he’s just entering his prime so they will desperately want to keep him but come next summer he may want a change of scenery.

The Lakers are a very interesting destination for him his game perfectly compliments LeBron’s. His dad has also said that Klay should come to play in the Staples Center so I’m going to take a risk and say Klay Thompson goes to LA.

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3. Kevin Durant - 2019 Wizards/Lakers/OKC


Kevin Durant has been extremely savvy in his contract negotiations for the past 2 seasons. He’s signed a couple of short-term deals to keep his options open and allow the Warriors to sign DeMarcus Cousins.

Durant has a player option for the 2019-20 season so he could opt to take that or decline and look elsewhere. Assuming that the Warriors win this season’s title Durant may feel like his mission in San Francisco is done. Durant is easily a top 15 player of all time right now thanks to his 2 titles and 2 Finals MVPs but I don’t think he will stop there.

I think he wants to prove that he can do it as the head guy, not sharing the spotlight with another great player like Steph Curry. He could opt to return to OKC and try to redeem himself in the eyes of the NBA. He could go play in his hometown of Washington. He (like Klay Thompson) will have a wide selection of teams looking for his signature.

Don't forget that LeBron James already calls Kevin Durant to come to Los Angeles and maybe LA will be his next destination.

4. Draymond Green - 2020 Nets


Green is under contract with the Warriors until the end of 2019-20 season. He again is someone GSW can’t afford to lose if they are to continue to win titles. Draymond is the best team defender in the NBA and the best passer on Golden-State’s squad.

He is a good scorer but he doesn’t need to be. Everything else he provides is fantastic which is why he is valuable. However, I don’t think he’s the sort of player you build your franchise around. He is the sort of player that does extremely well when surrounded with other good players because he does so much work off the ball. Draymond can never be your go-to scorer but he excels at finding his points amongst the offensive through screen and rolls, offensive rebounds and loose balls.

Draymond has always been a bit of a headcase. You want your players to play at the edge because that’s where the most effort is exerted, but sometimes players cross the edge in the meanwhile. Green is a perfect example of this.

If Golden State Warriors don't offer him near max contract, maybe Brooklyn Nets will react and sign one of the best defenders in the NBA.

5. DeMarcus Cousins - Max Contract


I seriously doubt that Cousins stays with GSW move than 1 season. He is currently recovering from a nasty Achilles tear and so he needs to prove to the GMs of the NBA that he is still the beast on the block he was before.

Cousins is using this season for 2 reasons; to prove that he is worthy of a max contract by showing he is healthy and mature enough and to give himself the best chance to win a ring. If the Warriors are only 70% of their potential they will sweep the entire Playoffs.

Should this happen and Cousins comes back as strong as ever then he will definitely leave after 1 season and he will ask for a max contract next summer. Who can offer him a max contract? Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks.

6. Andre Iguodala - 2020 Sixers

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Iggy is one of the most underrated players in the league and he really played great for the Golden State Warriors. But, they will not have enough space to re-sign him when he becomes a free agent.

He already won 3 NBA Championships and 1 MVP Finals Award and maybe the best destination for him will be Philadelphia Sixers. He spent 8 years in Philadelphia and he can retire as the member of the 76ers organization.