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Can Damian ever surpass Westbrook, Curry and CP3 for the top point guard spot?

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Damian Lillard reminds me a lot like Gilbert Arenas. Both were/ are exceptionally gifted scoring point guards overshadowed by elite guards overlapping their careers. As good as Gilbert was, he was never considered the best amongst Parker, Nash, Kidd and Billups because they all excelled in the playoffs.

Lillard will have that same problem playing in the West with Curry, Westbrook and Chris Paul. With the Blazers being considered "Dame's team" now, he'll need another superstar teammate to advance in the deep West. Until that happens he's going to have plenty of years being knocked out of the 1st and 2nd round as CP3 can attest. Only then will people understand how difficult it is to win 2 consecutive series in the playoffs. Not since Gary Payton's 96 Supersonics has there been a West Conference Champion has without an MVP on the roster.

It's funny how everybody thinks Damian Lillard got snubbed from the All-Star game. He didn't get snubbed last year nor this year. Yes, he's putting up huge numbers that are All-Star worthy, but at what point in his career will he ever be considered to be better than Curry, Westbrook or Chris Paul.

He could make a case against Klay Thompson, but as long as Golden State Warriors are contenders Klay will be the All-Star. James Harden will be the All-Starfor the rest of his career. It would be better for Lillard to go East and battle Wall, Kyrie, Isaiah and Lowry for the All-Stars spots if he doesn't want to keep getting snubbed by Chris, Russ, and Steph.

Please don't give me that Lillard is better than Chris Paul because head to head Chris Paul owns Lillard. He spanks him so much they had to make him his Daddy in State Farm commercials. Damian is a beast in scoring and has shown he's worthy of stepping up in big time moments. He hit the biggest shot of his career vs Rockets in game seven clinching the series.

But the problem is that everything that he's good at, the other 3 PGs are have excelled at. Steph was last year's scoring champ, Paul came in 2nd in assists per game and Russell has mastered the art of triple doubles. Dame is the worst out of the bunch in defending the pick n roll. He's years away from making the All-Defensive team.

He has to develop a trait in his game that will separate him from the bunch. He should either aim as high as being the assist leader or scoring champ or later on it will be the Hall of Fame that he'll be snubbed on next.