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Cavs Rumors: Top 5 Best Coach Candidates To Replace Tyronn Lue

Brooklyn Nets

The Cleveland Cavaliers have entered the post-LeBron James era for the second time and with very similar results, as the team has vastly struggled to find any consistency in either side of the hardwood.

Racking up just 1 triumph in 7 outings, the Cavs are already missing Kevin Love with an injury and would reportedly be interested in exploring the market for Kyle Korver and JR Smith, even though none of them could bring much value in return.

Moreover, the team has already fired coach Ty Lue after he failed to prove that he was worthy of a coaching job. So, who could actually replace Lue as the team’s coach for the remainder of the season? Let’s take a look at some names that would make sense.

5. Zeljko Obradovic

Zeljko Obradovic 214

Most NBA fans may not be familiar with Zeljko Obradovic, Fenerbahce’s coach, but truth to be told, he’s one of the greatest basketball minds ever, holding the record for most Euroleague trophies with 9.

It’s about time the NBA starts giving chances to European coaches and Obradovic could definitely find a way to crack NBA defenses in no time. Even though, this one would be a very long shot for the Cavaliers.

4. Jason Kidd


You may say Jason Kidd kind of struggled to make adjustments and close out games when he was coaching the Nets, but he did a terrific job at mentoring and developing the Milwaukee Bucks young core a couple of seasons ago.

Kidd is a great leader that needs time to improve as a tactician, but, given the time and patience; he could really take a rebuilding team back to the playoffs in a couple of seasons. Also, they really need to focus on Sexton, him being the team’s franchise cornerstone for the future.

3. Avery Johnson

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

It’s been a while since a team has given Avery Johnson a coaching job, and truth to be told, he looks quite comfortable coaching the University of Alabama, but maybe he could bring his magic back with this sluggish team as he once did with the Mavericks.

Obviously, the Mavs were a much better team than the Cavs are right now, but with his experience coaching young ballers, he’d be a great fit here, not to mention the fact that he was Collin Sexton’s coach last season.

2. Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina2132112

The fact that Ettore Messina hasn’t been trusted with an NBA coaching job seems blatantly disrespectful nowadays, considering he’s one of the best minds in basketball and has way more experience than some of the guys they actually hire.

Messina deserves a shot at an NBA team and the Cavs are a major chaos right now. They need a guy with his mindset and he’d definitely bring the most of players like Cedi Osman and Ante Zizic if they hire him.

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1. Larry Drew

Larry Drew 21321

It would only make sense for the Cleveland Cavaliers to give Larry Drew a shot and see how things unveil from here until the season comes to an end, as he’s already familiar with the roster and has a lot of experience as an assistant.

Drew may not be the perfect guy for this team, but he could be good for them while they settle down and consider their options rather than just hiring the first guy that comes to mind just to fire him in a couple of months.