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Chance Of 2019 NBA Stars Joining The New York Knicks

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Despite being one of the worst teams in the NBA the New York Knicks still remains one of the most attractive franchises to play for in the league because of the stature of Madison Square Garden and New York in general.

The plethora of business opportunities that you can take advantage of and the raising of your profile certainly are attractive and it seems that every year the Knicks are linked with some of the game’s biggest stars.

Next offseason a lot of NBA stars are free agents and New York will have the cap space to sign one of these guys, it’s just a question of who they go after. We’ve ranked the likelihood of different NBA stars who will be free agents based on their situation.

Kevin Durant 1%


Durant has been very shrewd in his approach to free agency as the last 2 contracts he’s signed have only been 2 year deals with the 2nd year being a player option. This allows him to assess the NBA landscape every offseason and then make the move that’s best for him. He’s never tied down and is always looking forward.

He’s only at 1% here because why would he leave the best team in the NBA where he’s won the last 2 titles to go with the last 2 Finals MVPs?

Klay Thompson 6%


Behind the brilliant scoring of Durant and Curry and the loud-mouthed brash behavior of Draymond Green, Klay Thompson is usually overlooked when he should get a lot more focus.

Over the last 4 seasons where the Warriors have got to the Finals every year Klay has averaged 21.5 points a game whilst shooting 43% from 3. He is the 2nd best shooter in the NBA and a great defender. Without him, the Warriors would have none of their titles.

After 3 titles (possibly 4 this year) Klay might decide that he is worth double what the Warriors are paying him and head out East to the other side of the country.

Kyrie Irving 30%

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People seem to be jumping off the Kyrie Irving Bandwagon. Once thought of as one the best young players in the league people are criticising him as reports emerge that he wants to leave the Celtics and move to the Mecca.

The Celtics are going to serious financial problems soon as they still need to pay Al Horford over $30 million next year, Gordon Hayward who’s on a long-term deal and they will need to pay Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum if they want to keep those 2.
Kyrie will be expecting $35 million/year at least for his next contract and the only place that might be able to give him that is New York.

Jimmy Butler 30%


Having expressed his displeasure with Karl-Anthony Towns Butler might be on his way out of Minnesota after only 2 seasons. He is one of the best two-way players in the league and is right in his prime. He will be an All-Star for at least the next 5 years.

He’s also said he would love to play with Kyrie Irving in an interview with Stephen A Smith. Those 2 would form a great dynamic duo and along with Porzingis would certainly make New York very competitive again.

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Kemba Walker 33%


Even though Walker has come and said he’s tired of people asking him when he’s going to come home to New York there is no smoke without fire.

Walker has played his whole career for the small-market Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets and they just traded their 2nd best player in Dwight Howard. That franchise is going nowhere fast and Kamba may want to play for a team with much more ambition.

Kemba is a stud and would play his heart out for his hometown fans. This seems like a match made in heaven as a Walker/Porzingis pick and roll would be something to see.