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Creating The Perfect NBA Player: Michael Jordan's Mentality, LeBron James's Athleticism

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We have seen some great NBA superstars that come as close to perfection as you can get. LeBron James affects the game in every way possible and can basically carry a team of 5th graders to the NBA Finals. Wilt Chamberlain was so massive and athletic that he could average 25 rebounds per game in any era. Michael Jordan came as close to perfect as any player in history, thanks to his unbelievable impact on the game and perfect NBA Finals record.

But even these great all-around players were not completely perfect. We have seen other NBA superstars that do at least one thing better than them on the court, albeit not in a complete package. By choosing the attributes from the best player in NBA history to mold into one player, we can build the most perfect and unstoppable superstar ever.

Here is how the perfect NBA superstar can be built starting with his athletic ability.

Height - Kevin Durant

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

To start off, the player will be as tall as Kevin Durant. KD stands at a listed 6'11", although many claims that he is simply 7 feet tall. The reason KD was chosen was that you can build the perfect skill set to compliment KDs height. He can manage to dominate any of the guards and forwards, and even play center.

The perfect NBA player will be the same height as Kevin Durant, and with the proper skillet, will be the greatest player in NBA history.

Strength - Wilt Chamberlain


For strength, the perfect NBA player will inherit Wilt Chamberlain's unbelievable brute force. Just watch any tape of Chamberlain's games, and you will see how dominant he was physically. We have seen some very powerful players in NBA history including Karl Malone and LeBron James, but Wilt was a force of nature like we have never seen.

Wilt dominated the game physically, and that is why he owns the record books for most points and rebounds in a single game at least. Wilt has his name all over the record books and his strength was the main reason why.

Speed - Russell Westbrook

Credit: Bleacher Report

Credit: Bleacher Report

In terms of pure speed, the perfect NBA player will take Westbrook's ability to run the floor at a blistering pace. Russ is ultra-quick with the ball and without the ball, so he is a perfect choice here.

With Kevin Durant's height and Wilt's strength to accompany him, this player will be an absolute force on the fast break and the most unstoppable finisher ever. It will literally be impossible to defend a player like this when he gets on the break.

It's even scary that Durant and Westbrook were teammates at some point...

Athleticism - LeBron James

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In terms of overall athleticism, the perfect NBA player must have LeBron's physical gifts. Even if he has Kevin Durant's height and wilt's strength, he will put it all together with the explosiveness and grace that LeBron has - especially in his prime. LeBron's overall athleticism includes an unbelievable leaping ability, explosiveness, and foot speed despite carrying all that weight.

If there is a player who can have wilt's strength and Durant's height and put it all together with speed and explosiveness, it's LeBron James. The perfect NBA player will have the physical gifts of LeBron, and be a tad taller and more powerful.

Shooting - Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry NBA 312312

No question, the perfect NBA player will have the shooting form and accuracy of Stephen Curry. Curry has a quick release, possibly the quickest ever, and can get his shot off anytime. With the physical gifts this player has, Curry's shot will make him unstoppable on offense.

He can score the ball at will, especially from the perimeter, except that he will be in the physical form of LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Oh my goodness.

Mentality - Michael Jordan

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In terms of instilling the killer mentality and desire to dominate the game, this player will have to inherit Michael Jordan's mental intangibles. You can gift a player with a host of physical gifts, but if he does not have the right mentality, he will hardly be an NBA champion in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. If you want to be certain that this player will win NBA titles, give him Michael Jordan's mentality.

Jordan basically willed his way to have a perfect NBA Finals record, a record amount of awards and accolades, and tremendous success as a player and as a brand. For the perfect player to actually be perfect, he must have the mentality of the greatest player ever.

Clutch - Michael Jordan

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Even with a strong mentality and physical gifts, can this player come through when it matters most? Can this player realize that he is the best player on the court and has the ability to make the tough shots at a higher percentage than anyone else? If he does, he has Michael Jordan's clutch gene.

MJ, and everyone in the building, knew that the ball was going up on his own accord. Jordan owned the clutch moments and was the most clutch player ever. Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant are other great clutch players but MJ was very efficient and knew how to take the shot within the flow of the game. Not to mention, Jordan hit the highest degree of clutch shots in the postseason and NBA Finals.

Footwork - Kobe Bryant

(via Sportsnaut)

(via Sportsnaut)

In terms of pure footwork on the block, this player needs Kobe Bryant's talent. Bryant was extremely skilled with his feet, and that is what led him to be one of the greatest scorers of all time. Bryant could play well into his 30's because he knew how to take his time on the block, fake, and go any direction he wanted. In many ways, Kobe was simply unstoppable.

The perfect NBA player needs to have Kobe's footwork if he wants to have a chance of consistently being one of the game's top scorers and creating his own shot whenever he needs it.

Defense - Hakeem Olajuwon

Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

In terms of pure defensive dominance, the perfect player will have Hakeem Olajuwon's defensive awareness. While there have been some great defensive players in NBA history, Hakeem knew how to influence a game and basically win titles by being a leader on that end. Hakeem rarely struggled with any big and has the knowledge on how to alter shots all game long.

Being a great scorer himself, Hakeem knew what moves the bigs were going to use on him and shut them down quickly. Inheriting the defensive capabilities of a two-time DPOY will give him the defensive skills he needs.

Passing - Magic Johnson


The perfect player, so far, is a perfect scorer with the perfect physical gifts and mentality. To tie it all together, he just needs the playmaking and ball-handling skills to be the most dominant superstar the game has ever see.

Without a doubt, Magic was the best playmaker ever. He had eyes at the back of his head and could see the floor with ease no matter which direction he was headed.

Magic was the perfect player to have the ball on the fast break, and the perfect player to read the defense at half-court. With the scoring gifts of the best scorers ever and the passing of Magic Johnson, this player is a perfect form of an offensive superstar.

Handles - Kyrie Irving



Finally, this player will have the handles or Kyrie Irving. This is crucial because he will be able to create his shot whenever he wants and score with Stephen Curry-like accuracy. Without the proper handles, this player will not be able to find space to get his shot off on the very best defenders no matter how physically dominant he is.

As such, giving him Kyrie Irving's ball-handling will complete the most unstoppable player ever. He will be able to break anybody's ankles, switch directions, and get to the rim whenever he wants. In case he gets cut off, he can create space for a jumper. In terms of pure offensive dominance, this superstar will simply have it all by inheriting the best attributes from the best players in NBA history.