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Daily Fantasy Basketball 2015: Stay in the Game

Photo Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Photo Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Tonight we will watch duels between the Spurs and Clippers and the Bulls and Bucks.

Experience and unselfishness of the Spurs or high-octane offense and athleticism of the Clippers? Gregg or Doc? Kawhi's octopus-esque wingspan or Redick’s shooting touch as sharp as a razor? Who has more goofiness, Boris „French Barrel“ Diaw od DeAndre „The Chiffonier“ Jordan? Find out tonight.

On the other hand, will the Chicago’s big names overpower young and hungry Bucks? Does Jason Kidd has more tricks in his pocket? Is Rose’s comeback for real?

Despite all of Milwaukee’s likeliness, I think that the majority of NBA fans is rooting for new Lebron James-Joakim Noah clash in the postseason filled with trash-talking and perkiness after good moves.

Fantasy Predictions by Alonzo Warond, for April 29, Rating: 8/9

The High Expectations: 1.5/3 - Marc Gasol played great last night. LaMarcus Aldridge was 50%, but Millsap was a big miss.

The Moneyball: 3/3 - DeMarre Carroll, Jeff Teague and Cortney Lee. We just make the big Moneyball score.

The Big Fails: 2/2 - I told you about Deron and Young.


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The High Expectations

Chris Paul: CP3 is in his beast mode right now and with injured Parker, aging Ginobili and slower Green there is nobody that can contain the game’s best point guard. For Clippers to win, Paul must play at his best.

$9.800 (DraftKings)

Pau Gasol: After dominating in the regular season and new All-Star selection, the Spaniard didn’t meet the expectations in this series (except for maybe fifth game). His scoring average and shooting accuracy are in decline, but that can’t last long. Pau will bounce back soon.

$8.800 (DraftKings)

Kawhi Leonard: Barnes and Redick are no matches for the new Defensive Player of the Year, and he will continue to put excellent stat lines versus the Clippers. After all, Kawhi is taking more and more burden on the offense.

$8.700 (DraftKings)

Also Consider: Tim Duncan and DeAndre Jordan

The Moneyball

Patty Mills: The Aussie decided Game 2 in the Spurs favor, scoring 8 points in the overtime. He is an excellent shooter with practically unlimited range, and Popovich trust him.

$3.300 (DraftKings)

Khris Middleton: On of the most pleasant surprises this season was Khris Middleton. He came as less important piece in Brandon Jennings trade but improved in every month since then. The Bucks need his points and he will deliver it.

$6.100 (DraftKings)

Also Consider: Boris Diaw and Manu Ginobili

Big Fails

Tony Parker: If Parker was healthy, this would’ve been a whole different story, but he is not. Plus he is matched against Chris Paul. Somebody beside Tony will have to put big numbers for San Antonio.

$5.200 (DraftKings)

Joakim Noah: He isn't playing well against Bucks. Avoid him.

$6.100 (DraftKings)

Avoid: Matt Barnes

Good Luck!!!