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Daily Fantasy Basketball 2015: The NBA Best Picks for April 27

Jimmy Butler

Today, we have just three games: Hawks vs. Nets, Bucks vs. Bulls, Grizzlies vs. Trail Blazers.

Last night, you can check mine ratings:

Fantasy Predictions by Alonzo Warond, for April 26, Rating: 7/9

The High Expectations: 3/3 - It's enough to said that I suggested you to pick Blake Griffin (20 points, 19 rebounds, 7 assists), Chris Paul (34 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists) and James Harden (24 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists).

The Moneyball: 3/3 - My Moneyball pick of the night was Monte Ellis (31 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists). Also, I recommended you to chose Kyle Lowry, Isaiah Thomas and J.J. Barea. Did I recommend you the best Moneyball picks last night?

The Big Fails: 1/3 - Jonas Valanciunas and Josh Smith played exceptionally well. I made a score because I didn't select Trevor Ariza.


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Select Fantasy Lineups

The High Expectations

PG Damian Lillard - Ok, I will stick with Lillard until Portland win one game vs. Memphis. I didn't notice that he scores 30+ points against Conley and co. Can he do that tonight?

$7.800 (DraftKings)

PF Paul Gasol - He didn't score more than 17 points against Bucks? What you expect tonight, instead of more points and more rebounds than any game in this series.

$8.700 (DraftKings)

SF Jimmy Butler - He is the best players on the Bulls roster. He has a lot of energy and lot of things to prove every night.

$8.300 (DraftKings)

Also Consider: Al Horford and LaMarcus Aldridge.

The Moneyball

PG Beno Udrih - With Conley out, the Grizzlies will have Beno Udrih and Nick Calathes handle the point guard duties. Select one of them.

$3.000 (DraftKings)

PF Taj Gibson - Bulls needs better frontcourts tonight. Noah isn't playing excellently and Gasol has a problem with points. Taj Gibson should be the one from the bench.

$4.100 (DraftKings)

SG O.J. Mayo - Friends, this is a high risk, so don't follow me, if you have space in the salary cap for tonight. I will try with O.J. Mayo in the roster.

$4.700 (DraftKings)

Also Consider: Nikola Mirotic and Kyle Korver.

The Big Fails

SF Khris Middleton - I believe in the Bulls defense tonight. They should try to avoid another game in Milwaukee, so they must stop Khris Middleton from outside.

$6.600 (DraftKings)

PG Michael Carter Williams - I don't believe in him until I see better attitude in the game. He is very young, and he will develop himself in the future.

$6.100 (DraftKings)

PF Zach Randolph - Portland must win one game, and if they want to win, they must stop Zach Randolph in the paint. I don't think so they can stop Marc Gasol.

6.500$ (DraftKings)

Also Consider: Thaddeus Young and Ersan Ilyasova.

I wish you all the best!!!