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Dallas Mavericks Should Risk It All And Create A Powerful Team This Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Dallas Mavericks made quite a big splash this offseason by trading for Kristaps Porzingis. Dallas officially has two guys who could potentially become superstars and are one of the best small-big duos in the league right now.

Doncic put forward one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory, while Porzingis proved he can be a dominant two-player form his time with the Knicks. If they can both stay healthy and play with each other consistently, Dallas will not be out of the Playoffs long and their future looks bright.

But they might be able to speed up the process. If the Mavs can add one more All-Star to this potentially dangerous team, they might not have to wait to make a statement this season by venturing deep into the playoffs. To do this, Dallas might have to sacrifice their immediate future by trading away valuable draft picks.

Even though the West is loaded, Dallas might feel that they have a shot with two young developing superstars in the ranks. Giving them star quality help will only serve to boost their growth in every facet of the game.

Here are the players Dallas should risk it all to add to their very intriguing lineup.

Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic is a national teammate of Luka Doncic, and that link might be enough to convince Dallas to go out and grab him.

Dragic is very unselfish and is still one of the better point guards at being able to score and pass the ball without being turning the ball over so much. While Dragic won’t make any All-Star games anytime soon, he is a legitimate starting point guard who will do whatever it takes to win alongside Luka and Kristaps.

All three can score the ball and will be willing to sacrifice each other’s stats to make this team as good as possible. After his time in the league, Dragic will be able to bring a lot of veteran presence in the locker room and also provide solid intangibles on both ends of the court.

LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge

Aldridge has had his name in constant trade rumors over the past year, mainly due to the Spurs’ inability to get over the hump when the Playoffs come around. As good as Aldridge is, he does not seem to be having the type of impact he had when he played for Portland.

While injuries and age have come into play, Aldridge seems to be lacking a bit of burning desire and maybe a change of scenery will do him good.

A big three of Aldridge, Porzingis, and Doncic will battle some of the league’s best duos with ease. Three stars are always better than two, and Dallas might be on to something if they can manage to convince San Antonio to accept a deal.

Aldridge is still very capable of being a 20-10 player, and teaming up with Porzingis down low will be a nightmare for most teams.

Chris Paul

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Chris Paul can do nothing but help a team he is on at this point in his career. He is a multiple-time All-Star, All-NBA talent, and first-ballot Hofer who can provide veteran leadership and playoff experience to the young Dallas Mavericks.

While Mark Cuban and the Mavs have done a fantastic job at rebuilding the Mavs in the post-Dirk era, a veteran like Paul will always be welcome.

A big three with Paul, Doncic, and Porzingis will cover all the most important aspects of winning: experience, talent, scoring, and defense. Anytime you add Chris Paul, you are adding a leader and a winner of the highest order.

Paul is most likely looking to be traded from the Thunder as soon as possible, so he at least has a chance to compete for the playoffs and prove that he is not over the hill yet. Playing alongside Doncic will certainly refresh his desire for the game, and Porzingis will be the most talented big man that Paul has ever played with.

As good as Blake Griffin was, Porzingis is a unique talent and this big three might even be better than the famous “Lob City” Clippers that failed to make the NBA Finals.

Kevin Love


Kevin Love is a player who will produce on a nightly basis, mainly through his scoring and rebounding. He is also battle-tested, having been through countless playoff wars with the Cavaliers. Now, the Cavs are in a clear rebuild mode and Love might want a chance to help a team win some games.

For Dallas, pairing a guy like Love with Porzingis should make Dallas fans excited. They both can stretch the floor, all the way to the three-point line, and also rebound very well. Dallas can legitimately start a lineup with 5 shooters, which will give opponents fits every night.

Doncic will have a field day finding the open shooters for easy shots all night long.

Dallas might want to add Love as soon as the season starts, to get their stars acclimated with playing with the experienced sharpshooter. A potential pick-n-pop with Doncic, Love, and Porzingis would be a joy to watch.

Kyle Lowry

(via Yahoo News)

(via Yahoo News)

In case Dallas wants some toughness in their team, Kyle Lowry is the man. He is now crowned as an NBA Champion, and his leadership on both ends of the floor was a key reason why.

Lowry fits perfectly alongside Luka and Porzingis, thanks to his deep-range shooting and desire to attack the rim without fear. He plays with almost unlimited energy and simply wants to win games.

Especially after winning in the East, he might want a chance to win it in the West with some young talented players who simply want to become the best versions of themselves.

Adding a veteran like Lowry would help them greatly in the Playoffs, and his championship pedigree would be an excellent addition to this very talented team.

To make this happen, Dallas would likely have to part ways with key role players and possibly a few draft picks. If they want to add a star guard, they must take this leap in the West.


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