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Dennis Rodman on 3 ways to break your penis!


Dennis Rodman was a topping rebounder and vicious defender. He won 5 NBA Championships with the Pistons and the Bulls. Also, he was twice, a NBA Defensive player of the Year and 7-time rebounding champion in the NBA. Dennis Rodman wasn't a scorer, nor an assister, nor a blocker, nor a stealer, he was a rebounding machine! Rebounds were all that he can give to the team and he did it magnificently!


Isiah Thomas, former Pistons player and Rodman teammate explained why Rodman is such a fabulous rebounder.

“That's how far Rodman had taken rebounding, to a totally different level, like off the charts. He knew the rotation of every person that shot on our team – if it spins sideways, where it would bounce, how often it would bounce left or right. He had rebounding down to a science, and I never heard anyone think or talk about rebounding and defense the way he could break it down. When you talk about basketball IQ, I’d put Rodman at a genius level.”

But, despite that talent, hard work and genius skill, Rodman was a bit of a crazy. Crazy is a mild word for Rodman's behaviour and his exhibitions in his life. There were lucid and crazy players in the NBA like Jayson Williams, Ron Artest, Shawn Kemp, Eddie Johnson, Calvin Murphy, but Dennis Rodman was on totally different level of craziness.

One anecdote is that he tried to grab a rebound, the ball went off the court, he fell over the cameramen near the court and he was so angry so he kicked a cameraman in a groin, which granted him with 11 match suspension and $1M fine.

Another one is when there was an ongoing promotion on the particular match against the Bucks in 1998. If the team score over 110 points, the whole arena will get free tacos, so Rodman had to enable that to the fans, so he started to shoot 3s in the early phase of the attack and in the garbage time, so at the end 25k of tacos were given, the opponent wasn't that happy, but the fans were delighted and that matters.

Also, he was married to the Carmen Electra, one of the hottest girls in the 90s. He had a relationship with Madonna, he headbutted a referee, domestic violence, trying to take his own life and commit a suicide, wrestling, fighting for animal rights, wearing a wedding dress and marrying himself and many more.

But, most exciting, interesting and insane story is when Rodman broke his penis. When you break your penis once, that can be odd, but Rodman managed to do it 3 times! "The Worm" explained how that happened in the video below and you will for sure enjoy in that.