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Dennis Rodman shuts down Shaq - 0 pts in 2nd Half/OT


After O'Neal scored 23 of his 27 points in the first half, Bulls coach Phil Jackson did what he wanted to avoid - switching the volatile Rodman, who stands just 6-foot-6, onto the 7-1, 330-pound monster. That move and a full-court press that took the Lakers out of their rhythm, limited O'Neal to just two shots in the fourth quarter and none in overtime. After a basket with 6:52 left in the third quarter, Shaq didn't score again.

Dennis Rodman's physical and theatrical approach to defense, which helped take Shaquille O'Neal out of last spring's Eastern Conference Finals, frustrated the All-Star center again Tuesday when Rodman's Chicago Bulls rallied for a 129-123 overtime victory over O'Neal's Lakers.

"Dennis thought he could handle Shaq straight up,'' Jackson explained.

He was really an underrated player for the Bulls. All rebounds, defense, hustle, and get under the skin of large guys like Shaq to screw with their game.

Rodman rarely talks after games but did let reporters know what he thinks of O'Neal after Monday's practice.

"I mean, $120 million?'' Rodman said. "No way in hell. If I was an owner, no way in hell I'd ever pay a man $120 million if he's not the total package. I wouldn't do it.''

Before the game, O'Neal insisted that he had no trouble against Rodman, saying: "Dennis is too light in the (butt) to play me one-on-one. You all know that.''

Shaq has only 4 pts in the 2nd Half + OT, and 0 pts with Rodman (6 inches shorter, almost 100 pounds lesser, ) guarding him in the 2nd half.

Shaq really wanted to fight Rodman in the end. He was probably really mad he got shut down. Arguably, Shaq is the most dominant center after Wilt Chamberlain in the NBA history.

You will also see, how Jordan and Pippen tackle Rodman to the floor to prevent him from fighting Shaq.

Check the boxscore.