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Derrick Rose Has Been Spotted Training For His NBA Comeback In Cleveland


Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Derrick Rose has had a tumultuous NBA career to say the very least, and that's putting things lightly. From season-ending injuries in the playoffs, to being traded from his hometown team, to leaving teams for weeks at a time with no notice whatsoever, if you told me this is how the youngest MVP in NBA history's career would pan out, I'd laugh in your face.

Unfortunately for Rose, however, this is exactly the life he lives, and it only got worse at the trade deadline, when the point guard was traded from Cleveland to the Utah Jazz, promptly being waived by the Jazz, becoming a free agent.

It seems that D-Rose hasn't given up on basketball just yet however, as the 29-year-old point guard has been spotted working out with trainers in Cleveland while he awaits a call from an NBA squad.

Despite the fact it's good to see Rose trying to work his way back into the NBA, it'd be a lie to say that the footage isn't just a little depressing. Only seven years ago, Rose became the youngest MVP in league history at 22 years of age, and had the NBA world at his fingertips in Chicago. Fast forward to the present day, and the three-time All-Star is struggling to find a team that wants him.

The Minnesota Timberwolves were rumored to be pursuing Rose after he cleared waivers -- a move that would reunite Rose, Gibson, Butler and coach Thibs -- but the agreement fell through when the T-Wolves became disinterested in Rose.

For Derrick's sake, we're hoping at least one team is willing to take a chance on the former MVP.