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Do you think DeAndre Jordan's dunks are only about power? Here is top 5 shocking pre-game dunks from DJ that would get 50 points in the dunk contest.


Recently I've read in reddit people disregarding DeAndre's chances at a Dunk Contest because he can only make in-game powerful dunks and the All-star competition is more about finesse.

I tell you guys now, DeAndre has more finesse than Blake Griffin when the matter is contested dunks.

Also, I'd like to let it clear that this I'm not throwing shade on any player and not comparing DJ to anyone. It's the opposite actually, I'd love to see top dunkers compared to DeAndre, I also don't know how it will turn out. DeAndre never participated in the dunk contest because he openly said that wouldn't attend unless he was also called for the main All-Star game. It's more about a personal choice, not lack of talent.

So, let's go.

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5. DeAndre does a double-clutch one-handed 360

4. He does a between the legs, with the ball coming from behind and dunking over his own head.

3. DJ pulls a one-handed fucking Windmill.

But wait, it's not like most one-handed windmills which the player hold the ball between hand and forearm, DJ actually PALMS the ball and does it all without losing it. Some years ago I saw a video of him doing it from 1 step ahead of the FT line, but couldn't find it today.

2. Jordan pulls a 360 windmill, bless you, Vince Carter.

The video is famous, it's the kind of dunk we don't see a lot anymore.

1. He does a 360 BETWEEN-LEGS.

Remembering, I'm not saying that he would beat LaVine, Gordon, Vince or anything like that, I'm just providing videos because I know most non-clippers fans are not aware of DJ's pre-game dunks, and this guy deserves attention/respect.

Let's hope he can participate this year, give us more reasons to jump out of the sofa.

Credit: yesungxiao


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