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Game Of Thrones Scenarios For The 2019 NBA Summer

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The NBA and Game of Thrones actually have a lot of similarities. Year after year, fans can’t wait long enough before they get the chance to see their favorite characters-players on tv, there’s always something going on, and there’s a lot of treason and blood everywhere. Well, maybe that’s just a bit too much.

Either way, Game of Thrones and the NBA are just as unpredictable and the moves players, agents, and general managers can do can be quite shocking, with fans all over the world completely in disbelief and making theories about what may or may not happen.

So, as we face a major offseason in the summer with several first and second tier players set to be free agents, wouldn’t it be great to watch some Game of Thrones kind of scenarios? Let’s talk about it.

10. Tobias Harris

(via The Washington Post)

(via The Washington Post)

Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic have developed a bit of a bromance since they were both on the Detroit Pistons. They were both traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, and once again to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers are going to try and keep Harris for the long run, and he’ll gently agree to do so. But hey, there’s a catch. He’ll tell Elton Brand that the only way he signs with them, is that they trade Boban as far away from him as they can.

9. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson has always claimed that he’s happy with the role he has with the Golden State Warriors. He’s never cared about the money or how many shots he takes and he’s repeatedly stated that he wants to stay on the team.

However, deep inside he’s hurt by the fact that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves, so he’ll try and screw the Warriors up. He’s going to agree to sign with them so they can’t make a huge offer to Kevin Durant, and right when Durant signs elsewhere, he’s just going to decide to retire and chill in the beach.

8. Kemba Walker

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Everybody’s expecting Kemba Walker to leave the Charlotte Hornets, as he’s completely outgrown the team and the town and looks poised for a bigger challenge on his career in the NBA.

Nonetheless, in every story, including Game of Thrones, there’s got to be a hero that doesn’t care about fame or money, and that’s going to be Kemba. He’ll give up to most of the money in order for the Hornets to be able to make a run at top-tier free agents. But, just like Oberyn Martell, he’ll fail.

7. Anthony Davis

Kobe Bryant: "Anthony Davis Is Better Than Ingram, Lonzo And Kuzma."

Anthony Davis was one of this season’s biggest villains and it wasn’t even close. He drew a lot of hate and criticism for the way he mishandled the situation with the Pelicans and his desire to leave and join the Lakers.

But hey, what we didn’t know is that deep inside, Davis has always hated LeBron and the Lakers, and the only thing he wanted more than winning a Championship was tearing that franchise apart. Now that he succeeded, he’ll stay put at New Orleans.

6. DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins felt betrayed by the New Orleans Pelicans when they didn’t offer him a nice deal following his season-ending injury, and now that he’s heading towards free agency, it will be payback time.

Cousins will plot with Anthony Davis and the Pelicans’ medical staff to pretend his fully healthy but he knows he just can’t play anymore. The team signs him on a one-year deal thanks to Davis’ demands, and then he just decides to sit out for the season.

5. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is one of the best defenders in the league coming into free agency, and his competitive nature is perfect for a Lakers team that desperately craves guys with a desire to win a Championship.

So, Butler agrees to join the Lakers and play side by side with LeBron James, but he decides to betray them overnight and signs a last-minute deal with the Phoenix Suns, one of their division rivals.

4. Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving is quite an unpredictable player, so he’d be perfect as a Game of Thrones character, to be honest, especially now that he’s set to hit free agency with a lot of questions over his future.

Irving is reportedly over his little beef with LeBron, or so he says, but in this scenario, he’d call James late at night to tell him he’s joining him at the Staples Center. Little did James know, that he was meant to sign with the Clippers.

3. Kawhi Leonard

Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP

Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP

Kawhi Leonard is having the time of his life in Canada. He’s an icon there, the Raptors are great, and he has a great shot at taking the team to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history.

Leonard has already pulled a Game of Thrones kind of move earlier on his career, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he did it again, telling the Raptors he’s intending to sign there, but then joining the Kings as he wants to play in California.

2. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant On His Future With The Warriors: “Just Watch the Game”

Everybody’s expecting Kevin Durant to leave the Golden State Warriors in free agency, so maybe that’s not exactly unpredictable. But hey, what would you say if he actually signed with the Charlotte Hornets?

With Kemba Walker giving up on most of the money, Michael Jordan convinces Durant that the only way he’ll ever find redemption and his own legacy is by joining the Hornets, but he’s never able to win the Championship again.

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1. LeBron James


LeBron grows sick and tired of the Lakers situation and the fact that no one seems to want to join them. He resents the team since Magic Johnson decided to leave, so he forces the team to trade him away.

Just like Jamie Lannister, nobody trusts LeBron anymore and teams around the NBA are reluctant to give up assets for a 34-year-old veteran. Eventually, the Warriors agree to trade away Draymond Green to the Lakers to pair Curry with LeBron.