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Game 8 of Western Conference finals?


At the start line, there were a lot of contenders. As time passed, one by one they gave up. Now the situation is much clearer.

Big race for Kevin Durant has only two participants. And those are old rivals from two months ago!

We all saw how their battles were harsh, cruel and unmerciful. Players were very dedicated to winning that series.

Golden State was on the floor and trailed 3-1, they were dazed and the referee counted. He was at 9 when the Warriors stood up, showed their character and won next three games and won complete series.

But it seems that the big clash between Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder isn't over yet. Draymond's kick in the crotch hasn't solved it.

According to Royce Young, NBA writer for ESPN, we are witnessing Game 8 of Western Conference finals!

Both sides are even, we can assume where will Kevin Durant go, but those are only the assumptions. Warriors are "selling the story" about "culture, dynasty, style of play", but Durant is very emotional about Thunder, so it will be a tough decision for him and maybe for some hardcore fans of both teams!

Anyways, the answer will not be revealed today! So, guys we are expecting his decision, it will be probably in about 24 hours. Be patient, this can change the future of NBA for the next couple years.