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Gordon Hayward Completes The Exact Play That Broke His Leg Last Season

Gordon Hayward Completes The Exact Play That Broke His Leg Last Season

Injuries are an unfortunate part of any sport. Players are competing in physical contests and are trying their best to win, which means they must take risks with their bodies. Thanks to modern technology and fantastic information injury-prevention is a well-invested area in the NBA and other sports league around the world.

However, it’s impossible to prevent everything as we saw tragically at the start of last season when Gordon Hayward broke his leg on opening night vs the Cavs.

Hayward attempted a back-door alley-oop and landed badly, breaking his leg in the process. Sadly it looks as though it will take a few years before Hayward is fully recovered given his drop this season from his All-Star numbers in 2017. Thankfully he is getting better every day and we saw a fantastic moment in the Celtics last game versus the Charlotte Hornets in Boston.

With 9:40 left in the 2nd quarter Hayward completed a back-door alley-oop which was exactly the same as the one that left him injured. Hayward even managed to dunk it and of course, the Boston crowd went wild.

This is a great moment for the NBA in general. It is a brotherhood that only current and ex-players understand and I know everyone around the league will be delighted for Hayward.

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