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Houston Rockets Will Risk Their Future With A Trade Package For Jimmy Butler

Houston Rockets Jimmy Butler NBA 412

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Rockets have upped their bid for All-Star Jimmy Butler to try and upgrade their arsenal for the rest of the season. Apparently, the offer from the Rockets includes 4 1st round picks as well as the rest of the deal.

The Wolves should immediately take this deal. Butler will leave after the end of this season and it doesn’t look like the Wolves have much to fight for right now. Towns and Wiggins are still really young so acquiring a load of good draft picks as well as the rest of the deal could give them even greater potential down the road. This deal would also rid the Wolves of all the tension that is permeating through the franchise right now. I have no doubt that as soon as Butler is gone Towns will start playing at an All-Star level again and Wiggins will be back to averaging over 20 points a night. This is a risky deal for the Rockets. They are going all in on winning a title either this season on next. They would be giving up a huge amount of their future potential by sending 4 1st round picks to Minnesota. Houston has started the season 1-3 but they should easily get to 50 wins again this year and Butler would definitely help them out. This gamble could work out really well for the Rockets though. They should be able to get Butler to resign next summer and he gives them more firepower on offense as well as a guy who can guard the likes of LeBron, Durant and Kawhi Leonard. According to Bobby Marks of ESPN, a 7-year rule allows NBA team to trade up to 4 picks between 2019 to 2025.

Houston Rockets need to risk, but are they ready to risk their future for Jimmy Butler?