3 Ways LeBron James Can Become The Greatest Of All Time

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I’m just doing to come out and say it; I love LeBron James. He is my favorite athlete ever and the sportsman I find most inspiring. To me he is the King and the greatest player of his generation, but he isn’t the best ever. Michael Jordan is still the greatest basketball ever. 6 rings, 6 Finals MVPs, the best shooting guard defender ever and the highest ever points per game at 30.1 a game.

LeBron has 4 MVPs, 3 titles and 3 Finals MVP so far in his career. He is already a better passer and three-point shooter than MJ but Jordan has the defending and scoring edge as Jordan has a defensive player of the year to his name. MJ also has the mystic around him given that he dominated the league for an entire decade with his Chicago Bulls winning all but 2 of the NBA Finals when they had him on their team.

However, LeBron hasn’t finished his career. He can still surpass Jordan in my view. LeBron is easily a top 5 player of all time and to me he is the 3rd greatest of all time behind Jordan and Johnson. He still has at least 2 years of his prime ahead of him and if he can achieve a certain list of priorities then more and more people (including myself) will start to question whether he is the greatest of all time:

3. Win 1 More MVP Award

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron already has 4 NBA MVPs to his name; 2 with the Cavs and 2 with the Miami Heat. Michael Jordan is a 5 time MVP but if LeBron could win 1 more with the LA Lakers then that would at least equal MJ’s MVP hoard.

LeBron has a really good chance to win the MVP this year as the likes of James Harden, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are all playing with other stars on their team. LeBron (so far) is the only All-Star for the Lakers meaning he will get all the acclamation should the Lakers do well.

If he can somehow lead the Lakers to above 50 wins then the media coverage LA brings combined with a resurgence in the Lakers should definitely have LeBron right up there as always for the MVP crown.

2. Become The All-Time Leading Scorer

LeBron James Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

As it sits now LeBron have just over 31,000 points after 15 NBA seasons. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has over 38,000. If LeBron is able to keep up his scoring for the next few seasons then there’s no reason why he can’t surpass the old Bucks/Lakers center to be the scoring king.

LeBron has had a remarkable track record when it comes to his health. He played all 82 games last year and his biggest injury was a back problem back in 2015 when he only missed a couple of weeks. LeBron is superhuman in every single way because he spends a huge amount of time and effort to keep his body in as good a shape as possible.

James does not seem to be losing his athleticism at all as well. Even at 33, he is still dunking on everybody. This will really help him keep his scoring efficient as he comes into the twilight of his career.

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1. Win 2 More Titles

Credit: Fredy Køciangi

Credit: Fredy Køciangi

I know I know! MJ has 6 titles so winning 2 more would only put LeBron at 5. However, winning them in LA would elevate LeBron even more. The Lakers have a history of winning, they have 16 banners to their name. This city expects its team to win and if LeBron can guide the Lakers to a couple of title in the next 4 years that would be truly spectacular.

It won’t be easy though; the Lakers need some work and at least another superstar to come to join the Purple and Gold. This season it looks very unlikely for the Lakers to win a title; the Warriors are easily the favorites and Houston, Boston and Toronto all look very dangerous as well.

LeBron James needs to assess the situation this season, then do his big remodeling next summer when he has much more control of the Lakers roster.

If LeBron manages to complete all three of these 3 criteria then look out Mr. Jordan. Space Jam might not be the only thing LeBron takes from you.