How The Golden State Warriors Can Create The Next Superteam: 3 Perfect Targets

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How The Golden State Warriors Can Create The Next Superteam: 3 Perfect Targets

The Golden State Warriors went as far as they could have possibly gone by missing the playoffs as they lost the play-in games. Stephen Curry was at his MVP best, averaging 32.0 PPG, but the team didn't have enough around him with Klay Thompson missing the entire season. But Warriors fans shouldn't fear, because a superteam could be on the way.

Klay Thompson is expected to return to full form next year and with Draymond Green still on the roster, the championship pedigree is well intact. But Golden State still needs more to contend with the best teams in the league such as the Lakers and Nets, so acquiring a top-10 player could put them over the top. By striking a blockbuster deal, here are the 3 superteams the Warriors can create over the next 2 seasons.

The Warriors With The Joker

Nikola Jokic Warriors

Nikola Jokic was the well-deserved MVP this season, even if he was the most unlikeliest coming into the year. Jokic averaged 26.4 PPG, 10.8 RPG, and 8.3 APG for the Nuggets who made it to the second round of the playoffs. Jokic is already being regarded as the best passing big man in NBA history, which makes him the dream superstar for the Warriors who love to share the ball.

The Warriors would have to send a massive package for a chance to acquire Jokic, but the Nuggets would never trade him unless the center requests a move elsewhere. The package could include James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins, 2021 Minnesota Timberwolves Pick (outside 1-3), 2021 First-Round Pick, and Eric Paschall.

The chances of the Warriors acquiring Jokic this summer is unlikely, even if Golden State offers the house except for Curry and Thompson. But the likeliest scenario for the Warriors acquiring Jokic would be in the summer of 2022. If Jokic doesn't make the NBA Finals next year, he might not want to spin his wheels in Denver and that is the exact moment Golden State can jump in.

A Dominant Center With The Two Best Shooters Of All Time

Joel Embiid Warriors

Joel Embiid was the MVP frontrunner at the start of the season, but untimely injuries kept him from realistically winning the award. A seemingly recurring theme, injuries are preventing Embiid from being even more spectacular than he already is. In 51 games for the 76ers, Embiid averaged 28.5 PPG and 10.6 RPG for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Joel Embiid could completely change the Warriors' offense for the better. The team can run and gun with Steph and Klay but have the option of going to Embiid in the half-court. In the postseason when possessions become tighter, having a go-to scorer in the post creates a host of problems for defenses. Embiid also needs to be double-teamed or else he will feast around the basket, leaving pockets of space for Steph and Klay to rain threes.

The 76ers could lose in the second round to the Atlanta Hawks, and if that happens, Philadelphia might realize that the roster isn't good enough. Ben Simmons is a point guard who can't shoot, but he can be placed back into his original position as a power forward. Embiid could force a trade from Philadelphia and considering the team's past disappointments, James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins and valuable first-round picks could be enough to send the superstar center to Oakland.

The Real Superteam With Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Warriors

Giannis Antetokounmpo has a ton of pressure on his shoulders. A 2-time MVP and Defensive Player of the Year Award winner, Giannis has achieved in 8 years what players work for their whole careers. The Greek Freak is without question a top-5 player in the game, and he had another spectacular season for the contending Milwaukee Bucks.

In 61 games this season, Giannis averaged 28.1 PPG and 11.0 RPG to go along with 5.9 APG and 1.2 BPG. Giannis is unstoppable around the rim and his playmaking makes him arguably the best all-around superstar in the league. This makes The Greek Freak the perfect superstar to pair with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Giannis can handle the ball on the break after corralling rebounds and set up his shooters for easy threes.

As great as Kevin Durant was for the Warriors, Giannis could be even deadlier because of his length and passing ability. Giannis won't come in and be the third Splash Brother, but he adds a totally different dimension to the Warriors offense which would make Golden State completely unstoppable. If Giannis and the Bucks lose to the Brooklyn Nets in the second round this year, the 2-time MVP could request a trade. For a package centered around James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins, 2021 Minnesota Timberwolves Pick (outside 1-3), 2021 First-Round Pick, Eric Paschall, and Jordan Poole; the Bucks might have to accept.