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Is This The End For Derrick Rose?

Derrick Rose

When the Chicago Bulls ended up with the first overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, nobody imagined it would end up like this.

He started off an unusually strong, as his first years in the league were ones made for the history books, and it soon became clear that this kid from Chicago would do big things. He did just that, becoming the youngest NBA MVP in league history at age 22.

Then, because of some horrible and unforeseen turn of events, that guy everyone knew and loved would vanish.

No longer was Derrick Rose flying over the rim for crazy behind the back slam dunks, rather he was “flying” straight to the gym to continue rehab for his broken knee. No longer was Rose the reason for the applaud of hundreds of fans, instead, he was the reason for so much of their grief.

You see, what hurt Chicago fans so much was that they knew what this kid could be. They saw with their own two eyes all of the amazing things he brought to the table. Now all those who had witnessed Rose before the ACL tear only wished they could forget what could have been. With all that said, however, the path for Rose was not completely over.

When he eventually got back onto the court again after 2 consecutive years of injury, there was still hope that he could once again return to his old MVP form. While that hope never truly materialized, there were occasional flashes that would remind everyone he still had something to give. Derrick was also a Chicago born native, known to the city as a soft-hearted, and all around nice guy.

For the fans in Chicago and the organization itself, that was worth keeping around. The former MVPs path was still going, whether the world saw it or not. Then when reports leaked about Derrick’s possible involvement in a sexual assault case, everything that was keeping his NBA life afloat began to sink.

Reports indicate that Derrick Rose was involved in a sexual assault of a young woman. As you can expect, the news spread fast in today's electronically driven world. It was at the top of the Twitter charts that day, and it was as if you could feel Americas rage towards the once beloved superstar.

None of us truly know what happened that day, but whether he did it or not there will be a big stain on his legacy. Even if the case gets dropped, this will never truly be forgotten. Derrick is out of Chicago, so the stage could be set for him to make a new beginning. But now he is in New York, where there are a lot more eyes to be turned towards him.

The Knicks DO need a lot of help right now, and they are very desperate. Perhaps that’s why they traded for Rose in the first place. It is hard to imagine, though, that they saw THIS coming. For an organization in desperate need for success, could turning a blind eye toward this alleged rape for a guy who is already a risk bring any type of stability to the locker room?

The answer is almost surely a big fat NO. Perhaps the former MVP plays out of his mind and becomes way too good for the Knicks to let go. Maybe his play on the court will ultimately save him in the end. But if he plays bad? Add mediocre play to “rapist”, and that’s something I don’t think the Chicago native can get himself out of.