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Kevin Durant: Feel the Fire

Photo Credit: Fadeaway World

Photo Credit: Fadeaway World

Kevin Durant is a 4 x NBA scoring champion (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014) and he is after Stephen Curry the best offensive player in the NBA.

But, if we look how talented he is and how easy he can score a lot of points, I ask myself - how many 40 point games he has so far and why he can't score more than 27.9 points per game this season and why he isn't trying to score every game more than 30 points?

His best season in points per game was two seasons ago, when he scored 32.0 pts.

After Michael Jordan era, only one player scored more than 35.0 points and that was Kobe Bryant (05/06) with 35.4 points per game.

The Elite Scorers

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

For 23 seasons, the NBA have only five players with more than 32.0 points per game - Michael Jordan (92/93) with 32.6 points per game, Allen Iverson (33.01), Tracy McGrady (32.09) and I already mention Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

If I go through NBA history, only 14 players had seasons with 32.0 pts per game - Wilt Chamberlain (x 7), Michael Jordan (x 5), Elgin Baylor (x 2), George Gervin (x 2) and Rick Barry, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bob McAdo0, Bernard King, Tiny Archibald, Nate Archibald, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady and Kevin Durant (x 1).

This is the 70th season in the NBA and we saw only 26 times that someone scored 32.0 pts per game in the regular season.

When Kobe Bryant finishes career this year, Kevin Durant will be the only active player in this elite group. Can he repeat that kind of season? Can he join the Legendary Club with W. Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Elgin Baylor and George Gervin with 2 seasons with more than 32.0 pts per game?

This is a legendary task, and Kevin Durant should walk on that road of the legend.

40 point games - only 46 times

Kevin Durant

If I can find a weakness in Kevin Durant's scoring ability, that is this detail above. Only 46 times he scored more than 40 points. This is unbelievable. Just to mention that Wilt Chamberland had 271 games, Michael Jordan had 173, Kobe Bryant had 121, Elgin Baylor had 88, Allen Iverson had 79, and Kevin Durant is only 19th on that list. Shaquille O'Neal had 49 games with more than 40 points. We are talking just about regular season games.

What is happening with Kevin Durant? This season so far, he scored three times more than 40 points, against Golden State Warriors (40 pts), New York Knicks (44 pts) and Orlando Magic (43 points). I know that Russell Westbrook plays with him, but that is just an excuse, because Jordan played with Pippen and Kobe played with Shaq.

So far, only Stephen Curry can have a season like Kevin Durant (pts per game), but he is a team player and Warriors are playing like a team. Maybe he can score more than 30 points, but why if they have 20 points lead against the opponents? Curry has 30.0 pts per game this season, so far.

However, Stephen Curry has only 21 games with 40+ points. LeBron James has 55 games with 40+ points so far. You want to know about R. Westbrook and James Harden, I guess? Westbrook has 16 games with 40 points and James Harden has 25 games with 40+ points.

Kevin Durant has ability and he knows how to score from every position, he knows how to play 1 on 1, or how to shoot a fadeaway with Dirk Nowitzki's move or how to use the post against the opponents, but the only problem he has is because he can play very passive and Russel Westbrook knows how to use that. I know that the most important is the NBA ring, but I'm not talking about that.

He must find the fire. Maybe he doesn't have a killer instinct like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but he has proved that he can have a season with more than 30 points per game.

Let's go KD, I think that you can find the thunder and you can be a member of the Legendary Club, and that is the only way to compare yourself with them.