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Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Battle To See Who Can Make The Most 3

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

It's always interesting to see when superstars have a battle after the practice.

This time, you can watch Kevin Durant against Kyrie Irving - who can make the most three-pointers from different positions.

Last season, Kevin Durant scored 186 three-pointers (38.6%), and Kyrie Irving scored only 84 with 32.1%.

So far, in their careers, Kevin Durant has 38.0% from the downtown and Kyrie Irving has 37.8%. They are almost equal.

I found an interesting information, Durant has 1.8-4.7 (3PM-A) and Kyrie Irving has the same one, 1.8-4.7 (3PM-a). Source?

Who would you select to shoot from the downtown, Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving?