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Kobe Bryant Is The Sole Owner Of A Record That Will Never Be Broken


Kobe Bryant has broken numerous records over the course of his 20-year career for the Los Angeles Lakers, some of them more glorious than others -- most missed shots in NBA history anyone?

Because of this, Bryant's name will be etched in the history books of the NBA forever, going down as one of the greatest scorers of all-time, scoring over 33,643 points across his career, ranking him 3rd all-time in career points.

Among his numerous records however, Kobe owns one that will likely never be broken ever again.

If you cast your mind back to the final day of the regular season in 2016, most of you will remember it for two things: the Golden State Warriors finishing the season with a 73-9 record, and Kobe dropping 60 points against the Utah Jazz, making him the oldest player ever to score 60+ in NBA history at 37.6 years of age.

This is a record that will almost certainly stand the test of time, as the previous record-holders are miles behind Kobe in terms of age.

Wilt Chamberlain, another Laker, held the record before Kobe, scoring 60 points back in 1969 at the age of 32, a whole 5 years before Kobe.

Behind Wilt is Tom Chambers, who scored 60 when he was only 30 years old, considered the end of player's primes nowdays.

The Black Mamba will definitely face some competition once some of the greats of our generation start to retire, as any one of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and even Russell Westbrook could all come close to the record if they happen to play up until 37-38 years old.

But it'll be extremely difficult. The situation that occured that allowed Kobe to score 60 in his final game may never be replicated again. Kobe was being fed the ball almost every possession he was on the court, playing 42 out of 48 minutes, which is just ridiculous to think about. Not only that, the man took 50 field goal attempts that game on top of 12 free throws, teammates were setting a million moving screens, and towards the end of the game, Jazz players were subtly trying to help Kobe get to 60 -- most notably Gordon Hayward committing a lane violation for Kobe's 60th point in case he missed the free throw.

It's extremely impossible any player will get the send off Kobe got for his final game, making this record virtually impossible for a player to break.