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Kyrie Irving Vs Nate Robinson Drops 91 Points at Nike Pro City

Kyrie Irving Vs Nate Robinson

The most exciting game of the summer between Kyrie Irving and Nate Robinson is finally here. 47 points and 44 points respectively for a combined 91 points at Nike Pro City. This game went to the overtime as Nate Robinson forced a game tying 3 ball during the final seconds of the regulation because four quarters of seeing these two play was not enough. The people had to see an overtime. Summer was definitely serious for these guys.

It was a really crazy game and Kyrie Irving showed us why he is the best ball handler in the NBA. It always interesting to watch Nate Robinson and I hope so that he will come back in the NBA this season.

Do you want to watch the street basketball duel: Stephen Curry against Kyrie Irving? That would be a tremendous duel. Who is better, 1 on 1, Uncle Drew or Chef Curry?