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Magic Johnson playing as a center!

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is one of the best point guards. Some people will list him as the No. 1 on the All-time NBA point guards list. He and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar marked the 80s together. They led "Showtime" Lakers to 5 NBA Championships. They were nicknamed "Showtime" due to the team's new Johnson-led fast break offense.

Earvin Magic Johnson was a double-double machine, averaging 11.2 assists and 19.5 points throughout his career. Because of his height 2.06m and his agility and quickness he was unstoppable. He can see the whole court due to his height and react quickly finding an open man in the corner easily.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures", said Hippocrates in the Ancient Greece.

When Paul Westhead, Lakers coach in 1979-1980 NBA Finals heard that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar can't play in Game 6, he was in huge problems. A loss in that game will lead to Game 7 and in that game everything is possible. So he did something remarkable that game on the Phila's court. He started this game with Magic at the center position and Magic proved coach's trust with 42 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and 1 block.

"It was amazing, just amazing," said Erving, who lead Philly with 27 points.

That was his rookie season. He came to the NBA two years earlier, with 19 years, so at that moment he was 20 years old. With this performance, he won Finals MVP and said to the world that he is going to imprint his footprints on the Hall of Fame court in the future years.