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Man in the Shadow: Kevin Love

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Kevin Love was set to be a star in Cleveland when he signed two years ago but that really wasn’t the case for him and his career in Cleveland had no fairytale beginning.

Love had to settle into not being the centerpiece of the team like he was with the Minnesota Timberwolves during his six-year tenure with the team. Love had to get used to being the ‘third star’ on the team behind both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. This was no easy task for Love and it took him about a year to fit into this position. An early injury in the playoffs in 2014 put him on the sidelines and this gave him time off to sort himself out and get ready to play with the Cavs once again. Last season though, Love did play well and amidst all the trade-rumor talks Love averaged 16 ppg and 9.9 rpg and was ultimately a major part of what brought the Larry O’Brien trophy to Cleveland for the first time in Cavaliers history.

This season though, Love has been amazing and he has played some great basketball for the Cavaliers. We’ve seen him averaging 21.8 ppg and 10.7 rpg so far in the season and he’s been shooting the ball efficiently recording a 46% field goal percentage. Love also has been draining threes with a 41% three-point percentage. Kevin has put up many impressive performances so far this season, leaving people putting him in the ‘Top 5 power forwards in the League’ conversation.

We now see Love getting used to his position within the Cavs and he is accepting his role on the squad. Love now compliments both Irving and LeBron on the court and we are really seeing them linking up very well together. So far the three of them have helped lead the Cavaliers to a 23W-6L record which leaves the Cavs first in the Eastern Conference (no surprise there).

Love is also ranked ninth overall in the MVP tracker (sourced from which is an impressive feat for a guy who was ‘nowhere to be seen’, in people’s opinions, for his first year in Cleveland.

The Cavs look like they can do it all this year and go take home the NBA title for the second year in a row, giving them back-to-back NBA titles. The only major problem standing in Cleveland’s way is the Golden State Warriors but yesterday we seen the two forces battle it out with the Cavs coming out on top with a narrow 109-108 victory over the Warriors, in which we saw the Cavs overcome a 14 point fourth quarter deficit to edge out the win.

The likelihood of the situation is that we will see the Warriors face the Cavs in the NBA Finals for the third year in a row but the question is - who will take home the NBA Championship this year? So far, Cleveland have the upper hand in the situation with yesterday’s win over Golden State. The answer to that question though, will remain unanswered until June but it will be exciting to see how the rest of the NBA regular season unravels and then we will be caught up in the excitement of the NBA playoffs once again.


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