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Miami's Unsung Hero has reached a Crossroads!


When you think of The Big Three, what names pop up in your head? I’m guessing LeBron James. Dwyane Wade, of course. Their “not great but just good enough” supporting cast also comes to mind. Oh, and then there was this skinny guy… The third fiddle… The Dinosaur, right?!

Yeah, The Dinosaur. Chris Bosh. The guy that spent the better part of the 2000’s on good (but not great) Raptors teams. The guy that sacrificed his prime in order to contend for championships. The guy that got rewarded for his gamble. The guy that… You get the point.

Chris Bosh is all of this and more. His stats speak for themselves. His intangibles rival those of all-time greats. His accolades are those of a man that may one day be enshrined at the Hall in Springfield. All this won't matter, though, if he doesn't live to tell the story.

For the past two seasons, Bosh has been in an almost never-ending battle against debilitating blood clots in one of his lungs. They first surfaced just after the 2015 Trade Deadline, when the Heat, rather ironically, made a splash by acquiring Goran Dragiç in hopes that it would proper them to the top of the Eastern Conference. Instead, it turned to a disaster rather quickly; Dragiç and Dwyane Wade alone weren't able to make up for the loss of Bosh and, as a result, fell to the 10th spot in the East.

This past season, Bosh returned to the hardwood better than ever. He maintained his career scoring average with 19 points a game and grabbed 7 rebounds a night, just one off (per Basketball Reference). But after a home loss to the San Antonio Spurs on February 9th, team doctors encountered the same problem as the previous year. Bosh did not log a single minute on the court after that.

For the second straight summer, though, the belief was that Chris Bosh would be fully healthy. That his blood clot situation was done with. His training videos on Snapchat and his “Uninterrupted” series for Bleacher Report said as much, anyway. Sadly, we were wrong.

Bosh was unable to pass the Pre-Training Camp Physical and wasn't allowed to participate. Then on Media Day, General Manager/Mob Boss Pat Riley said that “based on the last exam, his Heat career is probably over." When asked if he felt Bosh's NBA career was over, Riley said, "that's up to him."

I’m not usually a guy that likes to state the obvious, but I've no other choice. Chris Bosh needs to wake up and realize that if he tries coming back to the NBA, there's a pretty good chance he could die. So now, he has a choice to make. He can retire from basketball and tend to his family while, maybe, getting a job on TV. Or he could attempt a comeback while risking his life for the game he loves.

I’m realistic, though; Chris Bosh will never get to know my opinion. He'll never read this article. He doesn't care for them. Ultimately, whatever road he chooses to traverse will be chosen based on what he thinks is best. Chris Bosh is a smart man. I pray he understands what's best.