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Michael Jordan 1984: 45 pts Vs. Spurs (MJ's First 40+pt Gm)

Michael Jordan 1984: 45pts Vs. Spurs (MJ’s First 40+pt Gm)

This was MJ's first truly great NBA game. In just his 9th game as a pro, rookie MJ would take over a game due to necessity and dominate with his athleticism and will. While this became MJ's first 40+ pt game (in his career of 217 40+ games), this really should have been a 55 pt game because MJ missed a few easy layups and free throws which were uncharacteristic of him. But throughout the game, his knack for the big play and spectacular drama occurred in the most crucial moments. With phenomenal moves, hang-time jumpers and an innate ability to create, young MJ took over the league by storm and this was the beginning.

Jordan at his 9th game scored 45 points. Michael Jordan was the best player in the NBA then and would (at that age) be better than anyone today.

Also, I'm sure that today he could have more than 35-40 points per game. Who can stop him? Nobody.