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Mission Impossible: How The Philadelphia 76ers Can Create A Superteam With Devin Booker

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Fadeaway World

The Philadelphia 76ers are a good team but they seem to be lacking enough shooting since Ben Simmons is a liability from three and they lost a key piece in J.J. Redick last summer. They rely on their solid defense and their play through Joel Embiid to be as productive as possible.

If the Sixers want to challenge the best teams in the league, they might want to go after some sharpshooting stars to pair with Simmons and Embiid. Devin Booker, the star guard of the Phoenix Suns, is having a career year averaging 26.3 PPG on 48.6% shooting from the field. Booker is one of the best pure scorers in the league and is carrying the Phoenix Suns on offense. He has the ability to score whenever he wants, something that is invaluable to teams.

There isn't a better fit for Booker than with the Sixers. Simmons is one of the best playmakers in the league who thrives as a secondary scorer, and they need a perimeter star like Booker to pair with Embiid who dominates the inside. Here is how the Sixers can trade for Booker and why this will make them the best team in the East.

Trade Package: Josh Richardson, Matisse Thybulle, Zhaire Smith, Furkan Korkmaz, 2 Future First-Round Picks, and Future First-Round Pick from Okla

homa City (protected for selections 1-20; if this pick falls within its protected range and is therefore not conveyed, then Oklahoma City will instead convey its 2022 2nd round pick and 2023 2nd round pick to Philadelphia).

Team Chemistry

Devin Booker will fit like a glove with the Philadelphia 76ers. He is a player who will not allow himself to settle at the bottom of the West, and would eventually request a trade elsewhere. He is simply too good to not be in the playoffs every year, and the Phoenix Suns don't look like they will be a consistent threat for the postseason anytime soon. Rather than keeping a player disgruntled and waiting for Free Agency, the Suns might trade Booker right away.

For the Sixers and their chemistry, this is great news. Ben Simmons made it very clear, albeit on accident, that he would love it if Devin Booker played alongside him in Philadelphia. Simmons seems committed to Philadelphia for now, so keeping him happy with a Booker trade will do wonders for his morale. Having your stars get along is a crucial part of team chemistry and playing winning basketball, and bringing in Booker achieves that.

Inside-Outside Game

Without a doubt, Joel Embiid is the most dominant low post center in the NBA right now. He is averaging 24.0 PPG and 11.9 RPG to go along with 1.3 BPG. Embiid controls the game on the inside, using a mix of size and skill to his advantage every night. Embiid also can step out and shoot from the perimeter, which opens up the floor for everyone else even more. Unfortunately for the Sixers, they don't have a quick fire guard like Redick who can launch threes with regularity when Embiid is doubled.

By bringing in Booker, the Sixers automatically have one of the best Inside-Outside games in the league. Imagine if teams dare to double Embiid, who is a capable and willing passer, and Booker gets his shots in rhythm. Booker can score by himself, so having a dominant post player will open up his game tremendously. Booker (36.5% from three) comes close to a replacement for Redick's shooting (45.1% from three) but adds a different level of a perimeter scorer who can create his own shot. In clutch moments, having Embiid and Booker together spells disaster for the league.

A Dynamic Duo

Perhaps the player who will benefit most from a Booker trade is Ben Simmons. Beyond team chemistry, their styles mesh together perfectly.

Simmons is a pure playmaker who is a better all-around player than a scorer, and he needs a partner who can shoot in order to take the pressure off himself. I'm sure by now he is tired of the expectation that is upon him when it comes to making perimeter shots. This criticism clouds just how good Simmons is on both ends of the floor because he controls the pace of the game so well.

Simmons loves to run on the break and having Booker spot up for shots all game long will make Simmons even more effective. Richardson is an average perimeter shooter (33.2%), and he is not on the level of Booker. Devin Booker can score from any range, and he will complement Ben Simmons and his passing game tremendously. Rather than expecting Simmons to somehow morph into a perimeter shooter, it is probably best to add a star guard who can make up for that one weakness in his game.


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