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NBA Draft 2009: Blake Griffin or Stephen Curry?


If we're going to redraft the 2009 NBA Draft, do you think Stephen Curry could be the 1st pick?

In the 2009 NBA Draft, Stephen Curry was selected as the 7th pick by the Golden State Warriors. In that draft class, Blake Griffin was selected as the 1st pick by the Clippers. If we're going to redraft that draft class, would you select Curry as your 1st pick?

I'm not a huge fan of Blake Griffin but I wouldn't let a chance to draft a guy like Blake Griffin. Here's the reason why I take him as a 1st pick.

Passing Ability

Blake Griffin is a very good passer in his position. He is one of the best point forward in the NBA. Only Draymond Green has more assists than Blake Griffin this season (7.4 > 4.9 assists). In the season 14/15, Blake Griffin was the 1st amongst all big men in the NBA with 5.3 assists per game. Draymond Green had 3.7 assists per game, so he doubled assists in one year.

It's always great to have a big man who understands the game well and Blake Griffin is maybe the best Power Forward in the NBA.

He invented the alley-oop assists with DeAndre Jordan. So far, we always have point guard assists after the pick-n-roll, but Blake Griffin is the first big man who knows how to use center after the screens.

Chris Paul helps him a lot and now the Clippers have two point guards on the court. Blake Griffin has a great vision and he is maybe the most completed big man in the NBA.

If you don't have a legit point guard on your team, you can use Blake as your facilitator for your team.

Post-Up Offense

Blake is a very good post up player. Blake is a huge and quick and he can really outplay his opponents. He establishes deep position in the paint thanks to his strength and toughness, and can finish with nice touch and even a little baby hook shot.

It's very tough to defend him because he can spin around you and use his jump abilities to finish around the rim. Also, he knows how to use a fadeaway jump shot if he feels the enough space between him and defender.

He improved this area in the last few seasons and now he can score from every position.


All of us know that Blake is very athletic. Blake is on of the part of the Lob City at Los Angeles. Only few NBA players have the athleticism of Griffin with his size.

He is the best white dunker in the NBA History. Just look his highlights and you will see everything there.

Perimeter Shooting

Griffin is knocking down just 26.7% of his shots from the 10-14 foot range and 38.2% from 15-19 feet.

He has the best range from 20-24 ft with 41.5%.

He added a mid-range shot 2 years ago and now you can't let him alone on the perimeter. If you give him enough space he knows how to score from the distance.

With this weapon, he has a great advantage because now he can use both: mid-range shots or pump fake with a great dunk.


Yes, Blake can't lead the Clippers to the finals like Stephen Curry but he's a very talented for a 1st pick player.

No disrespect for Curry, but I still take Blake using the 1st pick. It's rare to see a talent like that with a huge size and strength. But if the draft did happen again, Curry would absolutely be the second overall pick to the Grizzlies as Hasheem Thabeet turned out to be one of the biggest draft busts ever.

Of course, someone will probably select Stephen Curry, but it's a very tough choise between them because now everyone knows that Stephen Curry is the back-to-back MVP and he already won a NBA title. And he is very near to win another one tomorrow night.