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NBA Free Agency: 5 Best Point Guards For The San Antonio Spurs

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Sadly, it looks like San Antonio’s reign as a Western Conference powerhouse is coming to an end. After 20 years of dominance which has included 5 titles in that span, it may be the case that the Spurs drop off this season. They only won 47 games last year and now Kawhi Leonard has gone to Toronto in return for DeMar DeRozan.

We also don’t know what will happen with Coach Popovich who tragically lost his wife in April of this year. That can hugely change someone’s perspective and Pop may not feel the burning desire to win games that we have seen over his whole coaching career.

The Spurs also lost Dejounte Murray to an ACL tear in a preseason game meaning they are without a major player for them at the guard position. Patty Mills will likely be the starting point guard but the Spurs need a trusted veteran to come off the bench and provide quality minutes for them. Here are my top 5 guys they could go for.

5. Tim Frazier

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

The Spurs need someone cheap who can play 10-15 minutes a night and run the Spurs offense whilst focusing on plays run for Aldridge, Gasol and DeRozan. Frazier is very cheap and would be a fairly safe option for them.

Frazier is also relatively young compared to the others on this list meaning he could show more promise than the other 4 guys I mention. The Spurs could discover a diamond in the rough and given how good Popovich is at teaching the game Frazier more than any could be a long-term option for San Antonio.

4. Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks 4141

One of the reasons why the Spurs have done so well over the past 2 decades is their ability to get the very best of off its players. The team-first system and an amazing culture mean athletes really give their all because they know how widely respected the Spurs across all sports leagues in America.

Brooks has a decade on NBA basketball under his belt, but not much to show for it at the moment. If he fully embraces the Spurs way of playing he could see a resurgence in his career which he should want given that he’s in the twilight of his profession.

3. Ramon Sessions

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

Like I said in the intro to this piece; the Spurs need someone solid and dependable as their backup PG. Ramon Sessions personifies that phrase and has done throughout his career. He isn’t flashy, he won’t make the top 10 plays list but he will deliver quality minutes.

Sessions also has a decade of NBA basketball to his name and would hugely benefit from the teachings of Popovich.

2. Jameer Nelson

Jameer Nelson

The Spurs have always loved good shooters which bring the floor space they need to give their best players room on the court to operate. Nelson is a career 37% shooter from beyond the arc and would surely up that percentage is he spent time in a Spurs uniform.

Nelson also has lots of Playoff experience with his time with the Orlando Magic and is well-respected veteran through the league. He would really help Dejounte Murray in his recovery process which would only benefit him in the long-run.

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1. Mario Chalmers


The Spurs have always been about winning. That is the most important thing for them; they want players who will help them win games, playoffs series and championships. Mario Chalmers is a 2-time champion who also brings veteran leadership and good shooting. He would be the perfect fit for the Spurs.

Chalmers is also used to playing behind big name players given how much time he spent with LeBron and Dwyane Wade. Putting Chalmers with DeRozan and Aldridge is putting him where he’s comfortable which only adds to his effectiveness.