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NBA Free Agency: Top 5 Best Destinations For Kemba Walker

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Kemba Walker has really taken huge strides on his NBA career. He went from an average point guard to one of the league’s most unstoppable scorers, and a guy that could really be a major part of a Championship team.

The Hornets’ superstar has broken all kinds of records with the franchise and there’s definitely a huge bond there, but we can’t help to think he would be better off elsewhere where his talents weren’t going to waste.

Walker is set to hit free agency at the end of the season and, while nobody seems to be talking about him, he should be getting a lot of attention and is a lock to earn a huge paycheck in the summer. Today, we’ll let you know about the top 5 best destinations for him:

5. Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to try and upgrade their point guard spot in the summer. They’ll try and make a run at Kyrie Irving, but landing him seems kind of unlikely at this point of his career.

That’s why they should definitely try and lure Kemba Walker. He deserves to play for a big market, and he’d be a great fit next to LeBron James for his sharpshooting abilities. He could even play the two-guard with Lonzo Ball running the point.

4. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns have a great young core and are going to another high lottery pick in the summer, and Monty Williams is set to make him a much better team next year if the owner allows him to do his work.

The Suns have Booker, Bridges, and Ayton, and a lot of cap space to make a run at him. They’ve been craving a starting point guard for years, and he’d be a legend if he took them back to the playoffs.

3. Charlotte Hornets

Well, even if the Charlotte Hornets aren’t going to compete any time soon, he’s still the leader of that team. While he hasn’t exactly committed to staying put at Michael Jordan’s team, he hasn’t shut the door to the possibility either.

Walker is already one of the best players in franchise history and he’d be an even bigger legend if he decided to stay. Also, they could offer him a ton of money, so he’d have to choose between legacy or winning.

2. Dallas Mavericks

Now that they’ve moved on from Dennis Smith Jr, the Dallas Mavericks are expected to make a run at Kemba Walker, and with Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis on board, they have quite an interesting young core.

The Mavericks organization really knows how to take care of their teammates, and he’d be a great fit for Rick Carlisle’s system. They won’t be instant contenders, but they’re going in the right direction, for sure.

1. New York Knicks

And last but not least, we have the New York Knicks. The Knicks, like the Lakers, are going to try and sign Kyrie Irving, and they’re a lock to get Kevin Durant as well. But, Kyrie being as unpredictable as he is, may end up somewhere else.

That would open the door for the Knicks to try and get a fellow New Yorker like Kemba Walker, who grew up in the Bronx, and it would be an amazing scenario if he sings with the New York Knicks this summer.


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