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NBA Free Agency: Top 5 Best Destinations For Terry Rozier

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Terry Rozier hasn’t been happy in Boston for a very long time. After breakout performances in last year’s playoffs, the combo guard looked poised for a bigger role going forward. Obviously, that never happened.

With Kyrie Irving on board, there was never going to be enough shots and minutes for Rozier, and even if Irving winds up leaving in the summer, Rozier is clearly pissed off about the way Brad Stevens handled him all year long.

That being said, it looks like there’s no way the Celtics are going to be able to keep Scary Terry beyond this season. Assuming they want to, they don’t have enough money to make an offer that suits his demands, and still, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown would take a lot of shots away from him.

But, where could he thrive the most? Where could he get paid and have enough playing time to flourish as a scorer? Let’s take a look:

5. Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets have been stuck on a mediocrity spiral for quite some time, and there’s a huge chance that they might end up without their lone All-Star if Kemba Walker decides to walk away in the summer.

Obviously, a veteran Tony Parker won’t be able to lead this team to the playoffs, but Rozier, Bridges, and Monk could pull it off. Still, there’s a lot of work this team needs to do in the offseason if they want to compete.

4. Phoenix Suns

If the Phoenix Suns don’t end up drafting Ja Morant as expected, they’re likely to try and make a trade for Lonzo Ball. However, with the Lakers struggling to get top-tier talents, that’s not likely to happen.

So, Rozier could join a team full of young stars with a bright future that’s also in desperate need of a starting point guard, and you know he’ll have the green light to shoot as many times as he wants.

3. Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are set to face a key offseason, as they have a lot of players that are bound to become free agents after putting together an impressive run even without their top player Victor Oladipo.

Both Darren Collison and Corey Joseph are going to become unrestricted free agents and while they’re high on Aaron Holiday, he’s not ready to be the team’s starting point guard as of today, so he’d be a nice boost at that spot.

2. Utah Jazz

This team has never been truly sold on Ricky Rubio. Also, the Spaniard is quite injury prone and it seems like they’ve already found the way to win without him, so perhaps they’ll move on from him in the summer.

A Mitchell-Rozier backcourt would be great for the fans, even though defense may be a huge issue going forward. Still, he’d have a much bigger role with the Jazz, and they have enough money.

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1. Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic have been looking for a starting point guard for quite some long time, and while they may lose Nikola Vucevic in the offseason, they still were able to put together a nice run to make it to the playoffs.

Aaron Gordon and Mo Bamba can wind up being stars and Rozier is still very young so he could be able to build something great here with the Magic. They have a huge need, and some spare cash, so it’s a match made in heaven.