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NBA Mock Draft 2015: The Best Backcourts Duel

Photo Source: Paul Vernon/Associated Press

Photo Source: Paul Vernon/Associated Press

Who is your best point guard on the upcoming NBA Draft 2015? Who is the best shooting guard on the NBA Draft?

Here you can find short analysis about two best backcourts at this moment on the NBA Draft 2015.

PG Duel: Emmanuel Mudiay vs. D’Angelo Russell

Emmanuel Mudiay

19 years old, 196 cm, 90 kg, Guangdong Southern Tigers

2014/2015 CBA stats:

17.7 ppg, 6 rpg, 5.9 apg - 54.5 2P%, 30 3P%

After Brandon Jennings, one more lottery pick with the strange trajectory of moving, instead from NCAA he comes to the big scene from CBA (Chinese basketball association) as a millionaire. He played only ten games in the regular season before got hurt (and just two more in the playoff), so we really don't have enough material to judge.

Mudiay has an excellent combination of physical tools and quickness, remarkable ball handling and can easy attack middle after p'n'r. He is a good finisher around the rim, using both hands, especially is dangerous with the ball in the open floor.

Phenomenal rebounder for PG position, have tools to play good defense, but he need to improve focus on that end of the floor. His jumper is quite streaky (which I personally don't like to see from franchise caliber PG), and he can miss free throws in series.

He has the habit to become very lazy with the ball, 3.1 TO per game. Wait a second, did we talked about Emmanuel Mudiay or Tyreke Evans? Yeah, they have a lot of common.

Best Fit: Sacramento Kings

NBA Comparison: Tyreke Evans

D’Angelo Russell

19 years old, 196 cm, 88 kg, Ohio State University

2014/2015 NCAA stats:

19.7 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 5 apg - 47.9 2P%, 41.1 3P%

Russell also has excellent size for PG, but he is not near superior athletic like Mudiay. As he likes to say, for everything on the court he must work hard, and nothing was naturally given to him.

One of the best passers in the NBA Draft, because of his height he can use a lot of different passing angles. He is unselfish, can play equally good in the open floor and half court offense.

Real general on the field. From the start of career, he is carrying a big load and pressure of big expectations will not be a problem for him. He has a great scoring ability, he can hit tough fadeaway shots and he can punish defenders with floaters.

The biggest problem for him is finishing at the rim because he lacks explosiveness, and he uses only a left hand on layups. He plays with plenty of confidence and have high basketball IQ.

He must reduce the number of bad shots off the dribble and long two-pointers. Reminded me most on Mike Conley because of the patience in the game, with a better shot and weaker defense.

Fadeaway World Verdict: It's a close call, but I would go with D'Angelo Russell, he is one of the most intriguing players in the draft with high leadership ability. Mudiay has bigger upside mainly because he is a freak of nature, but there is a serious question about his shooting skills.

Best Fit: Philadelphia 76ers

NBA Comparison: Mike Conley

SG DUEL: Mario Hezonja vs. Devin Booker

Mario Hezonja

20 years, 202 cm, 97 kg, FC Barcelona Basquet.

2014/15 Euroleague stats:

7.7 ppg, 2 rpg, 1 apg –46,2% FG, 38,2% 3P

Hezonja is another European up and coming star on this draft. He was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, country that gave us Toni Kukoč, Dino Rađa, Gordan Giriček, Krešimir Ćosić and of course, legendary Dražen Petrović.

He is a very intriguing prospect, with rare combination od size, athleticism and shooting stroke. If he gets hot, you are pretty much done (he shot 8/8 from downtown against Manresa). He can play both shooting guard and small forward positions, but in Barcelona he was primarily used as a guard. Despite good frame,

Despite a good frame, Hezonja lacks height and strength to defend elite NBA forwards like James, Durant, Anthony, George, Leonard and others. Even though he was heralded for a couple of years, Hezonja never was a starter for the Spanish powerhouse Barcelona. That draw him comparisons with Dion Waiters, former 4th pick by the Cavs, who also was a sixth man for Syracuse despite being their most talented player.

Hezonja has really daring attitude, and he is fully confident in his abilities, which can be a good sign. To succeed, you must believe in yourself. The question is, will his temper be his forte or his weakness at the highest level? Nevermind, Hezonja is certainly Top 10, possibly Top 5 pick.

Best Fit: Denver Nuggets

NBA Comparison: Rudy Fernandez

Devin Booker

18 years (turns 19 in October), 198 cm, 93 kg, Kentucky Wildcats.

2014/15 college stats:

10 ppg, 2 rpg, 1.1 apg – 47% FG, 41,1% 3P

You can describe Devin Booker using a single word – shooter. In Kentucky’s historical winning streak, Booker was just as important as any other player. He’s coming from a basketball family, his father Melvin also played professionally.

On the first sight, Devin’s numbers aren’s mind-blowing, but he averaged just 21 minutes per game on deeply talented Wildcats roster. Booker possesses almost unlimited shooting range with great mechanics, and he perfectly fills the role of the catch-and-shoot player. Booker is also good off the dribble shooter.

What’s most important, he doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be valuable and productive, which is always desirable characteristic. With an average athleticism and wingspan, he won’t be a lockdown defender in the NBA, and he has yet to learn to create for his teammates, which is a shot at his versatility. He is compared with Hayward and Thompson due to his style.

Best Fit: Detroit Pistons

NBA Comparison: Klay Thompson

Fadeaway World Verdict: Right now Booker may be more NBA ready, and his shooting is something special, but Hezonja has the higher ceiling, and we must give him the advantage.