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NBA Players With Most 40-Point Games After Turning 35: Michael Jordan, LeBron James, And Others

Chris Broussard: 'Wizards Players Hated Playing With Michael Jordan'

Standing out in the NBA is one of the toughest things any athlete could do. Some people claim that, if they gave them 15 chances, they would score at least one bucket in the NBA. In reality, they could give you 20-25 chances against an NBA defense and there's a bigger chance that you turn the ball over 20-25 times.

Some players thrive off their strength, quickness, and athleticism. Once their physical traits fade away, so does their game. Others find a way to reinvent themselves and continue to make an impact even when they're not young stars anymore.

Throughout history, we've seen a handful of older players dominate the same way they did when they were just entering the league. Today, we'll talk about them by honoring the top 5 players with the most 40+ points games after their 35th birthday.

5. LeBron James - 3

Lakers LeBron James

To say that LeBron James is aging like a fine wine is a cliche. That doesn't make it any less of a truth. James continues to amaze with his athleticism and strength despite his age and it seems like he could play at an elite level for another five years.

But besides his god-given traits, LeBron James is also one of the hardest-working players out there. He doesn't take any days off and it clearly shows in the hardwood. There's no doubt that he'll rank way higher on this list once it's all said and done.

4. Elgin Baylor - 3


Elgin Baylor doesn't get the credit he deserves nowadays among younger fans. Long before LeBron James, Scottie Pippen, or even Larry Bird; Baylor was considered the greatest small forward of all time, even though he couldn't deliver an NBA Championship.

Baylor was a walking bucket throughout his entire career. He was athletic and had impressive hops, thus making him a dominant player on the offensive glass to get second-chance points. Sadly, his career ended with an injury and not with a ring.

3. Karl Malone - 4

Karl Malone

If you haven't seen prime Karl Malone play, then I suggest you Google him right now. The man was an unstoppable force of nature and was built like a brick wall. However, he was more than just a strong body and a big frame, he was also quite skilled.

Malone was a savvy player for all of his career. He knew how to get to his spots and was an underrated shooter as well. He could never win an NBA Championship and his off-court issues will always stain his legacy, but he could ball out. Every single day.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 4

Isiah Thomas Says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is The GOAT: “There Is No Person In The History Of All Sports That Had A Better Basketball Playing Career Than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar”

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar might as well be the most durable player in NBA history. He was the true definition of consistency on both ends of the floor and was a productive player even until the very last game he played at 41 years old after two decades in the league.

Kareem has a flawless résumé and could have a shot at being the Greatest Player of All Time, yet he's often snubbed from that conversation despite being the league's all-time leading scorer. Also, he averaged double-digits every single season of his career.

1. Michael Jordan - 14

(via Online Gambling)

(via Online Gambling)

People often refer to Michael Jordan's tenure with the Washington Wizards as something to forget but that's way out of line. He may not lead them to an NBA Championship like he did with the Chicago Bulls but he was far from done during that time.

Jordan put together 14 40+ point-performances with the Wizards at ages 38 and 39, which is remarkable even for a legend like him. He averaged 22.9 and 20.0 points per game through the final two seasons of his career and even had a 51-point outburst in the 2001-02 season and a 45-point explosion in his final year in the league. Legendary.

Credit: MJs GOAT


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