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NBA Playoffs 2015: Jimmy 'He Can't Guard Me' Butler

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Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks 91-82

(Chicago leads 2-0)

Another good start of the game for Milwaukee but this time on the defensive end of the floor.

Chicago scored only 11 points in first quarter and had six turnovers. They didn't find a solution for the aggressive defence of Milwaukee Bucks and double teams on Pau Gasol.
Derrick Rose was not able to hit wide open shots and started the game with 0-7 from the field.

Bucks use it to build the biggest lead in first half 20-11. Because of their poor shooting they were not able to keep it too long.

After that, Bulls finally found some offensive spark from Butler, Dunleavy (3 three-pointers), Nikola Mirotic and they return to the game.

At half-time, Chicago led 39-38, without the impact of their main's stars Rose and Gasol. It was a great sign for them.

After a scoreless first half, Rose exploded in the third quarter with 12 points, and that was two men show because Middleton respond big time from the other side with some tough shots.

The speed of the game increased in the second half, which favours the Bulls. Jimmy Butler used transition game to make some easy baskets before turning on the beast mode in 4 quarter. He scored 14 out of 20 points in the final period (as the whole Milwaukee team) and closed this game in a big fashion.

Butler has even started to yell in one moment: ''He can't guard me!'' finished the game with 31 Pts,9 Reb,2 Ast.

Noah had a good all-around game with 6 Pts, 19 Reb and 6 Ast and Gasol picked up his 56th double-double in the season as Chicago won rebound battle 64-48.
On the other side, the only player worth mentioning was Middleton 22 Pts, 6 Reb.

Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans 97-87

(Golden state leads 2-0)

Pelicans have started the game on fire, after 12 minutes they led by 11 points on the wings of Davis and Gordon (hits 3 three-points early) and some great perimeter defence by Pondexter.

Golden State show their biggest weakness, for no apparent reason they began to panic and taking some bad shots.

On the start of second quarter Warriors bench blitzkrieg Pelicans weak second unit. Leandro Barbosa was all over the floor, and he turn this game around in only a few minutes with a 10 points.

After that, everything was much easier, Curry and Thompson returned to the game with good focus and finished the half time strong.
On the start of the second half, it looks like Pelicans are losing the step but Anthony Davis showed he would not be denied so fast. Golden State again lost their flow and ball movement and started jacking up threes.

Monte Williams realized he could not match Warriors bench, and he goes with Davis down the stretch, every second of the second half. That constant mismatch keeps them in life whole game alongside outstanding shooting performance from Gordon.

Unfortunate for them, Thompson woke up and burn them down with 14 points in 4/4.

Pelicans fought great, but they end up out of gas. Davis played 45 minutes and injured Evans 41 min.

After this two close games, we can expect more good basketball in days to come.

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