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NBA Rumors: 5 Best Targets For The Milwaukee Bucks This Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Bucks are off to a nice start this season, sitting at second place with an 11-3 record. They are still an incredibly well-coached team led by superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Giannis has come back even better than last year thanks to an improved jumper and a more controlled pace. If he keeps it up, he might be the reigning MVP for the Bucks. Not to mention, the Bucks have sold talent including Khris Middletown who fit perfectly alongside Giannis.

The Bucks are a very good team, but they have flaws.

If they did not lose key pieces such as Malcolm Brogdon in free agency, they might have been the runaway favorites for the Eastern Conference crown. Now they have to keep fighting for the top spot with the likes of the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics.

If the Bucks want to gain a distinct advantage over these powerhouse teams in the East and even have a real shot against the Western Conference powerhouses, they must look to improve their roster.

Luckily, there are quite a few players who could fill their holes and provide them with the skill they need to get over the hump. Here are the most important NBA targets for the Bucks right now.

Chris Paul

Credit: Clutch Points

Credit: Clutch Points

Paul is still one of the elite playmakers and floor generals in the league, even if he is getting up in age. He can distribute and has developed into quite a sniper from long-range. Paul's value lies in his playoff experience and also his desire to one day hoist the championship trophy above his head.

If Paul can unite with Giannis, they will be one of the most effective duos in the league thanks to a mix of basketball I.Q., scoring, and passing ability. Not to mention, the pick n roll will be almost unstoppable. The Bucks can offer a package with Eric Bledsoe and a pick to try to convince the Thunder of this deal.

Bogdan Bogdanovic



The Bucks need more shooting, and Bogdanovic is the perfect guy for that. He is a consistent scorer from the perimeter and is also developing his two-way game. Bojan Bogdanovic can also be a valuable streaky scorer who can get hot quickly, and prove to be an asset to a team with championship aspirations.

The Bucks need players who fit their culture, style of play, and team build. Bogdan is on an expiring contract, and will likely request a lot of money to return to the Kings. While he is a good player, it does not make sense to overlay for him when they signed Buddy Hield to a big contract already. As a result, the Kings will likely trade him to avoid losing him for nothing which gives the Bucks a perfect opportunity to snatch him for a good asking price.

Jamal Crawford

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Crawford is a professional scorer, and the Bucks could always use some more scoring. As a spark plug off the bench, Crawford is a perfect fit for the Bucks. He does not need plays run for him, nor does he require to be prioritized to get open. Crawford can simply create his own shots and score from the perimeter.

This type of scoring ability will help lighten the load around Giannis and also give the Bucks more scoring whenever necessary. As a bench player, Crawford is a great fit. As a free agent, the Bucks could do much worse than signing Crawford.

Goran Dragic

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Dragic is an All-Star talent who has found himself backing up rookie sensation Kendrick Nunn in Miami. As good as the Heat look, they will most likely fail to make the NBA Finals this year. Dragic might have a better shot with the Bucks, and he should try to make it happen.

The Bucks could use his playmaking and scoring skills alongside Giannis. Bledsoe is very athletic and is an excellent defender, but Dragic is a proven offensive player who can create his own shot and distribute the ball better. Grabbing Dragic would boost their lineup depth since he is an All-Star caliber player.

Jordan Clarkson


Lastly, Clarkson is the perfect type of player who can let loose and get cooking from deep. Clarkson is an explosive scorer who is still quite young and has the potential to be either a sixth man of the year candidate or s starting shooting guard in the league thanks to his scoring.

Clarkson is a better shooter from deep since his rookie season, and can also attack the basket and finish thanks to his quickness and explosiveness. Clarkson would be a perfect fit for the Bucks, who could use his scoring prowess alongside Giannis who needs to lighten his load on offense.


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